Games We Play: Tanks, Part 2

Previously, I wrote about our experiences with Tanks by Gale Force 9.

A quick recap, Tanks is a World War 2 Armor (read TANKS) skirmish game. The game is easy to learn, fast to play, and filled with options. The models are easy to assemble (there are instructions in the rule book, on Gale Force 9’s site, and really detailed instructions on Flames of War (they use the same models)), detailed, and fun to play with.

When I left off, I had ordered a Tiger tank for our girl, because you know, Tiger in the name. And then the Tiger arrived. Putting it mildly, the Tiger tank is a scary beast, just like in life.

tiger-tank-2This is her Tiger. She wanted it painted gold. When I wouldn’t do that she tried to get her mom and a friend to convince me to paint it pink camouflage. I declined and went menacing dark grey.

Shortly after her Tiger was dry we set up a 100 point game. On her side, a Panther, a JagdPanther, and her Tiger. On my side, four, count them four Sherman 76mm tanks. Even though the point values of our squads were even, I did not feel confident; her Tiger is “immune” to side shots and has a huge cannon.

tanks-in-actionTable arranged. Terrain in place. Tanks to their starting position and we were off. Not wasting anytime our girl rushed the center of the table establishing a commanding position. Except, her JagdPanther is an assault gun meaning it can only target tanks directly in front of it. None of my tanks were in front, but it was in front of three of mine.

BOOM! End of the first turn and one of her tanks is down. However, two of mine take a lot of damage.

Not willing to sit in the center of the table, she moved to one side isolating one of my Sherman tanks. The other three spent a turn maneuvering around a building and dead JagdPanther. Unlucky rolls on her part and lucky rolls on mine, my isolated tank survived-bruised, but alive.

Turn three, the Panther goes up in flames under the fire of three tanks, but before going out the Tiger and Panther tank out two of my tanks.

Last turn, she opts to keep the Tiger in place relying on armor and being able to reroll attack dice. I opt to remain in place because there is no place to go that does anything for me. Both of my tanks shoot; two very luck shots-four critical hits between them and the Tiger goes boom. Not before taking out an undamaged Sherman.

No gloat. A realization that if I had not gotten lucky, if odds had evened out, despite better maneuvering than her I would have lost due to the rather large and painful tank that a Tiger is. She spent the next ten minutes explaining to her brother how best to use the Tiger (he was up next) and vowing revenge. I fear her Tiger. I fear her Tiger so much I bought myself a Pershing, because you know Pershing…wait…because you know big cannon. 🙂



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