Open Driveway Events

Taking a break for a long weekend of gaming, hopefully finishing Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Wrath of the Righteous and starting Mummy’s Mask, I put the writing down and am working on cleaning up and setting up. To tide you over until the next Puddles and Whiskers or Games We Play, something I have been posting daily on my Facebook page/wall/whatever.


Good news, there is still a small fee for towels, and access to a phone, and Open Driveway Events now has a licensed pharmacist to address any RASHES you may have. We at Open Driveway Events are not liable for rashes acquired while at any of our open events.

Speaking of events, Al Roker our favorite go to weatherman has indicated that snow may fall soon. With snow comes our 1st Annual Open Driveway Ski U.

While the fog remains, stop by, if you can find us, for our 1st Annual Jack The Ripper in London Fog Hide and Seek Scavenger Hunt. Try to survive on almost two acres dodging our associate Ripper (you pay employee Rippers) while searching for items on a list hidden on almost two acres. Shovel recommended.

For a small fee access to towels, phone, and a shovel. Still not responsible for interactions with vehicles or rashes acquired while attending any Annual or other event.


Open Driveway Events is proud to announce our 1st annual (I hope someone is keeping count for next year) Slip n’ Slide in the Slush Event. How many of you have fond memories of throwing your body with abandon onto a wet garbage bag and the hard ground to slide a few feet, that feeling of flight without the airborne component?

If you do or you want to experience something akin to that (no garbage bags here) swing on by while the temperatures are high enough to allow for snow to fall and slush to accumulate.

Pick a spot anywhere on our spacious event space, run, throw yourself on the ground, and slide like a penguin. LIKE A PENGUIN. What could be better? Don’t answer that.

Open Driveway Events is not responsible for injuries sustained from impact with the ground, tree, large or small rocks, frozen gophers, gopher holes, or anything else.

Today and today only, free towels after 10 Slip n’ Slide Slush Runs. For a small fee bento lunches, hot chocolate (limited amount as the container is about half full), and access to a phone. Really not responsible for interactions between sliders and vehicles: remember slide away from the road.


Enjoy throwing things at other people for fun? Want to build large fortifications out of snow? Do you relish the feeling of snow down the back of your coat, shirt, pants, or in your boots?

Of course you do. That is why you will swing on by to Open Driveway Events 2nd Annual (associates took care of the 1st Annual earlier this year) Snow Fort Snow Ball Fight.

Alone or with a team, build a fort, build some balls, and start throwing them. With almost two acres to wage war on, there is plenty of room and snow for you. (start with the snow in our ample driveway).

For those build oriented, but not throw oriented, Open Driveway Events is hosting the 1st Annual Build Something Other Than A Fort Contest. Show off your snow building skills for anyone to see, especially all of the people driving by. First prize, free use of a warm towel.

Free snow. For a small fee access to towels, bento lunches, phone. For a slightly larger small fee access to warm towels, hot chocolate (still some left over). Open Driveway Events is not responsible for interactions with vehicles and snow related injuries.


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