Games We Play: Wrath of the Righteous

For me there is a tipping point between wanting to play, even desiring to play, and not wanting to play. Wrath of the Righteous is closing in on the not wanting to play. Between Rise of the Runelords, Skulls and Shackles, and Wrath of the Righteous, Rise of the Runelords has been the most fun. Skulls and Shackles was last (lack of interesting rules and usage of boats and a storyline that did not catch our collective interest), but now, near the very end, Wrath of the Righteous is getting on my nerves. A game that gets on my nerves, does not see a lot of play.

Part of the reason Wrath is getting on my nerves is because of our group, a paladin, a hunter, and a reformed demon. Sounds like a fun group and maybe in another set they are, but in Wrath there is a distinct lack of a certain weapon type in comparison to others, ranged weapons. Yes, there are ranged weapons, but GOOD ranged weapons are hard to find and when two characters are ranged weapon users splitting up the small pool of available weapons is problematic.

There are other problems with our group that are exacerbated by Wrath. We lack the ability to tackle challenges in several areas that Wrath seems to encourages, such as Intelligence and Knowledge checks. Overall, our group is not a good group for Wrath and that is a problem.

Our group issues noted, the primary increase in challenge for Wrath seems to come from higher numbers. Makes sense, but there are other creative ways to challenge characters. The last few adventures have felt like practice for a math test and not like a game.

This might not be such an issue except that after all of the math, the rewards, especially in the last Adventure Deck have been less than stellar. If I defeat a demon lord, I want awesome loot. Something that says, “I defeated Bob Demon Lord of Cheesy Chicken Strips.”

Most of the rewards either go back in the box because a reward from an earlier Adventure Deck is better or are character improvement boxes. Unfortunately, by Adventure Deck 6, the character improvement boxes are not that interesting because I used earlier character improvement rewards to check off all of the useful boxes. Meaning, for defeating the demon lord, I get to add +1 to a check or look at a second card.

I understand the design philosophy of making sure any character can play in any set. I wonder though, since Wrath is supposed to represent truly higher level of play is alternate versions of the character sheets could be made where there are still interesting character choices to make near the end of the game and rewards that stand out.

Will Wrath see more play. Definitely, the storyline is catchy and we have lots of character combos to try.


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