World Ship Horizon

A good friend of mine wants to work with me on a game setting. He gave me an idea and this was my take on the idea or at least a portion of the idea. Since I am in story mode more than game mode, this is the opening in a serial tale. Enjoy. 🙂

World Ship Horizon

As each section reported ready, a section of the transparent holo of the world ship flashed green. Transport control officers managed the incoming reports directing crews to new locations, repairs, and final stages of pre-launch. Over all of the noise of the control room a solitary monotone voice counting down.



Locked into place, Private Maxwell looked around hold fifty-eight; hundreds of fellow troopers locked into place in various stages of waiting, ready, scared, sleepy, excited, and a hundred other emotions. Each trooper wearing full combat ready drop gear, their number emblazoned on their helmet, right shoulder, left breast, and Maxwell knew on each piece of gear. One thousand three hundred and thirteen, his number flashed red on his faceplate display. With a quick thought, Maxell checked in, the number flashing green.

Part of several communication networks, Maxwell heard fellow squad mates talking, snoring, praying; heard command chatter meant for squad leaders or higher in the command chain; and the ever present translation of the countdown.





Maxwell and every other individual posted to and locked in place on World Ship Horizon received an injection, immediate unconsciousness.

Holo green, the control room silent, as the countdown concluded.



Unheard by Maxwell, “One. Zero. Launch.”

From the center of World Ship Horizon, a yellow nimbus grew until the entire ship was inside a pulsing yellow nimbus…and then gone. In the command center the glare shields dropped. The holo vanished and the space where the Horizon sat, empty other than small amounts of debris. Everyone in the command center cheered another successful launch.


A bright yellow flash next to a dark grey moon, World Ship Horizon materialized and a gigantic explosion ripped a hole in one side. Material and individuals ejected into space. In relation to the moon the world ship listed to the right.

“Emergency! Emergency! All personnel prepare for vacuum conditions. All personnel prepare for vacuum conditions. All personnel to ready positions.”

Stimulant injected, all personnel woke up ready for action. Maxwell fell to his knees on waking, the locking harness no longer in position. Hold fifty-eight bathed in red emergency lights. Private Dorian heled Maxwell to his feet on her way to her ready position.

“Squad four to assault ship five.”

“…drive room explosion…”

“…leaders make sure all troopers are prepared for drop and vacuum…”

Confused chatter blared across all channels. Something was wrong. On his display, Maxwell along with the rest of his squad directed to their assigned assault ship. Constant drills ensured Maxwell knew the path, blindfolded, ensured he grabbed his weapon and pack out of the automated racks as he passed without any hesitation or error.

Rushing onto the assault ship, Maxwell dropped heavily into his assigned seat. Looking down at his auto-rifle, he had unconsciously performed standard weapon check. Private Dorian sat across from him wearing her usual serene smile; nothing seemed to phase her, while finishing attaching her gear. Watching her, Maxwell began to attach his gear.

Confused chatter continued non-stop.


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