Games We Play: Tanks Best 2 out of 3

“Bring it on mutherfucker!”

“We’re gonna kick your ass dad!”

And with that, the challenge was thrown; best 2 out of 3 matches. While Warhammer 40k armies are assembled (literally), painted, and pointed out we continue to play Tanks. Fast and fun, the children are starting to settle into their respective armies and play styles, which works great for Warhammer 40k. How great?

Glad you asked, there is a lot of learning your style of play in miniature games from choice of army:

  • Do you like the look of the army?
  • Do you like the play style on paper? Fast, Slow, Methodical, Hard Hitting, Fragile, etc.
  • Once you start playing how do you play with them?

And so on. Thus, if I can get them to discover their play style with a reasonably inexpensive miniatures game when we start a HORRENDOUSLY expensive game…cough cough Warhammer 40k, I would like them to know in advance more about how they play so I can direct them towards units that works for them.

tanks-1First up, our boy, who at this stage of his gaming life is direct to the point. Give him an objective or story mission and he quickly blasts through to that target, side missions be damned. Keep that style of play in mind.

British Invasion

After setting up the board (read dinner table) and creating our 100 pt armies…oh yeah here are our armies:


  • Sherman 76mm with “Ground Hog” Oiler (gunner)
  • Sherman 76mm with John P. Irwin (gunner)
  • Sherman 76mm with “War Daddy” Pool (commander) and Sandbag Armor

Our Boy

  • Sherman Firefly with Joe Ekins and Super-Velocity Shot
  • Comet with Wilfred Harris and Super-Velocity Shot
  • Cromwell with “Woppy” Radley Walters and Precise Loader

Our boy wanted an objective game first, in the center of the board an objective marker representing supplies both sides wanted. Having played several games against the German army played by our girl I was prepared for tanks making two moves upfront and one move at the end of the turn. I was not prepared for fast tanks.

Fast is a keyword on some tanks (mostly British tanks at our house), allowing a tank to make three moves at a time. Three moves really opens up the table for maneuver. To explain this, I planned three turns to get to the objective, and spend the rest of the game fighting. Our boy’s British tanks with fast reached the objective in two, catching my tanks out in the open.

tanks-2A brief exchange of shooting where he lost one tank, but secured the objective when I moved my tanks to cut off what I thought was an end run to get behind my tanks. It was not. Round one to the boy.

Game two, our boy wanted to play to the last tank standing. He had a plan. I love it when people, especially children, get enough into a game to begin to plan ahead. His plan, drive his Comet down the center and right and left flank me with his other tanks.

tanks-4Great plan as I was moving down the center as a group. He could have caught me in a crossfire. Except, and this is where children tend to fall down, he did not look closely at his side of the table (he set the terrain there by the way). He also did not think about putting a slow tank as a flanker. Which caused him to move his fast flanker tank slow; he did something a lot of people do-symmetrical movement-I want both sides to reach the same spot at the same time. Good plan…

Until, his center tank got hit by all three of my tanks, treads fly off (no movement until repaired), sight got busted (-2 attack until repaired), and the crew, wisely, bails (no nothing until repaired). His flanking tanks out of position because the Firefly has a maximum movement of 2 and he symmetrically moved his Cromwell (up to 3 moves and could have made a huge difference).

Turn 2, Comet blows up. Firefly engages with a Sherman with no effect, and Cromwell accelerates for a side attack run.

Turn 3, Firefly’s ammunition explodes (really lucky critical hit) and Cromwell settles into the woods. Settles as defined by tread hit.

Turn 4, my three tanks shred his Cromwell.

Game two, me.

Game three on hold until he gets up. After game three, best of three against our girl and her German Army.







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