Puddles and Whiskers, Wash and Dry Brush Phase 13


This conversation was the end of what I had hoped would have been a fast moving montage of conversations and such explaining what happened and setting up what would happen. That did not pan out as I planned. As each previous section expanded the original purpose of this scene dissolved. The update for this scene ties together what has happened and moves the action forward. Enjoy. 🙂

Catching Up

“How long have you listened to Acid Chamber?” Chuck asked around a mouthful of rice.

Ignoring the rice caught in his chin fur Whiskers replied, “Since their first hoverport single, ArNk’Hal”

Stunned, Chuck replied, “That’s a long time.”

“Their music is great to practice to, inspiring a whole set of movement,” Whiskers said.

Amused, Puddles took a long sip of tea. Setting the neon yellow teacup down, “Whiskers’ choice of music aside, where are we on the cases?”

“Nowhere,” Chuck said sarcastically.

“Shut up Chuck,” Puddles fired back. “Seriously, what do we have on the three clients?”

Setting his tablet on the garish neon colored table, “Chuck is gathering the data on the Harowes.”

“Should have it tonight,” Chuck interrupted.

Flipping a screen on the tablet, “Acid Chamber’s manager…a…here it is, Janus is sending us data on their concerts and crew.”

“And Doctor Marlowe?” Puddles asked.

Chuck looked down at the neon green bowl full of rice in front of him. Whiskers flipped to a new screen.

“Nothing at all?”

“Nothing,” Whiskers replied lazily stirring his bowl of noodles with a single neon-flashing chopstick.

“Some investigators we are,” Puddles said.

“We don’t have the right connections.”

“Shut up Chuck,” Puddles snapped.

Staring Puddles down, Chuck continued, “The right connections to find whoever pretended to be Doctor Marlowe. I sent you the data on the real Doctor Marlowe.” Holding up his paw to stop any interruptions, “I have feelers out for information on what Titan is doing with Black Myst or in Tumbledown. These things take time.”

Setting his chopstick down, “Unfortunately, Chuck is right. We do not have the right connections,” Whiskers interjected.

“Whatever,” Puddles mumbled around a mouthful of noodles. “At least we are clear of charges. We are, aren’t we?”

“We are. Officer Tanx will send us any information he gets as well,” Whiskers replied. “This case is not dead. Put on hold is all.”

“Hold?” Puddles interrupted. Shaking his head, Chuck continued eating.

Ignoring Puddles, Whiskers continued, “We have a two cases to work. I suggest we move on from this and get back to work.”

“I like that idea,” Chuck said.

“Shut up Chuck.”


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