Blatant Self-Promotion: Creatively Telling Your Story

Tired of your job?

So am I.

Need change?

Yes you do.

Want to make yourself look better on paper?

I can do that.

What is a resume?

WRONG! A resume is a single page short story about you.

What is a CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

Close, but WRONG! A CV is a novella about you.

Most resumes and CVs read like textbooks. Are you a textbook full of facts? NO! Sure, facts-and-figures are pieces of your story, but they are not YOU! You are more than where you worked, where you studied, and the things you have done; your resume and CV should better represent you. Let your resume or CV do a lot of the work of getting you a new job.

How do you do that? Let me ask you another question, who better to tell the story of you than a storyteller, a writer?

That is correct. Nobody is better. That is not true either. A storyteller with training, with the skills, and the desire to tell your story is better and I am that writer, that storyteller.

Your story is not my story. Thus, your story will not fit into my template. I will craft a template just for you and your story, highlighting the parts of you that best fit the job you are going after. The job that you deserve.

Do you need some examples of why this storyteller is perfect for you? Yes, you do…

Instead of cashier, you are an essential cog in the financial machine of the United States of America (patriotic) or a redistributor of wealth or effortlessly handle customer and their money or a skilled up seller.

Everyone has people skills, but what are people skills…how about the world is your chessboard and people are your pieces or you read people like a book or you understand what a customer needs and wants before the customer does and can get them to purchase both.

Manager? Everyone is a manager or managerial skills. What are you a manager of…the best interests of the company or bottom line or keeping all of the ducks in a row and swimming in the right direction or putting out customer or worker (associate) fires or ensuring MAXIMUM efficiency or reducing waste.

Communication skills or great (excellent) communicator, great. How? When you speak people listen or you have the oratory skills and command of JFK (or other excellent historical orator) or be prepared to stay up all night reading your writing or you listen before responding.

You got skills? Awesome. Guess what everyone else has skills and their list looks and reads a lot like yours. Change that list up. Stop looking up buzzwords. Trust me if you found your resume or CV on the internet so did EVERYONE else. Who gets the job? Those who stand out. Let me, for a fee, assist you in standing out by crafting a story of you that they WANT TO READ.


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