Puddles and Whiskers, Wash and Dry Brush Phase 15

This is the last Wash and Dry Brush for a while. Everything for a while is new. Hooray! Next up in my writing process, I allow the new to percolate for a bit. I want to look at it with “new” eyes. Then the new material goes through the same process, only a bit more thorough as I have to ensure that names (Camile or Camilie) and other details are consistent. Until then, enjoy this last wash and dry brush and enjoy the new material. 🙂


Morning over noodles

“Tang kai!”

“Un-shil ir!”

“Gaa Kha!”


The garish neon colored welcome holo outside of NiHo’s bellowed at Puddles, Whiskers, and Chuck as they entered the restaurant.

“I’m starving,” Chuck announced, heading for their “table.”

“You are always hungry,” Whiskers responded.

Sitting down, Puddles grunted in agreement.

“What’s wrong with you?” Chuck eyeballing Puddles asked.

“Just hungry,” she responded flipping through the holo-menu that popped up as she sat down, “I need some spicy noodles and to put this fe’thi case in the bank.”

Whiskers flipped through the menu before placing his order with a tap. Reaching into a pocket, he pulled out a tablet and slid it across the table to Puddles.

“This is what I have. What did you two capture?”

Puddles watched the vid non-committal grunting a few times during the playback, “We got similar footage. Chuck pulled all of their data.”

Grabbing the tablet with his black and white paw, Chuck called forth the data, “That’s everything on both of them.”

Whiskers took the tablet back and began reading.

“Can we get some better cases?” Puddles asked.

“Yeah,” Chuck chimed in.

Shooting Chuck a quick glare, “What yeah? You don’t work for us.”

“I don’t?” Chuck replied sarcastically gesturing at the table and tablet, “What was two nights ago?”

“I thought you were sleeping,” Puddles retorted with a laugh.

Whisker watched the two of them over the top of the tablet. “This looks like enough.”

“But. There is always a but,” Puddles replied.

“If the client wants more, then we will have to put in more hours.”

“I can catch up on my sleep,” Chuck said around laughs.

“Spicy pork noodles,” the clashing neon kimono garbed waiter announced.

Puddles raised his paw. Noodles in front of everyone, conversation resumed.

“Let’s hope so,” Puddles said around a mouthful of noodles.

“I think there is more than enough for her to see her husband is having an affair and with whom,” Whiskers said while dipping a slice of pork into the broth.

“What about the action?” Chuck asked.

“Action?” Whiskers replied stopping mid-dunk, “You do not mean footage of them engaging in…”

“Sex. Chuck wants to know where the proof of sex is,” Puddles interrupted.

A very pregnant silence; Whiskers looking at Puddles, Puddles waggled her brows, and Chuck tried to stifle a laugh.

“Let us hope she does not want that vid,” Whisker said, “If she does, Chuck you are wearing the recorder.”

All of them laughed and resumed eating. Whiskers pushed his empty bowl to the middle of the table and cleared his throat.

“I will take this to the client this afternoon. While I am doing that I want you,” looking at Puddles, “to review this information.” Pulling a smaller tablet out of another pocket, Whiskers slid the tablet to Puddles.

“What about me?” Chuck asked.

“I do have a job for you.”

“Really?” Puddles and Chuck said simultaneously.

“Acid Chamber wants us to start work this weekend before their concert starts. I did some preliminary work on their case, but I need you and your contacts to…”

“Already done,” Chuck interrupted his excitement evident.

Shaking his head in amusement, Whiskers finished his drink, “Good. Time for work.”

“Whiskers,” Puddles started looking up from the tablet.

“Later,” Whiskers responded shooting a quick glance at Chuck.

Standing outside NiHo’s next to their cars, “I’ll get a hold of you with what I find out later tonight,” Chuck said.

“If our client is happy, your payment should be in your account tonight,” Whiskers said to Chuck.

“Sounds good.”

“I’ll check in later,” Puddles said holding up the tablet, “I have some stuff to check out.”


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