Nail Clippers, Pages 15 & 16


Standing on his front porch Jenkins watched red-faced EMS personnel load Devin and Chaz into the back of the ambulance. As soon as the EMS personnel had entered the kitchen both of them started to laugh and tried contained their laughter. The longer they worked on Devin the more red-faced they got and muffled snorts came from both of them. Jenkins did not blame them, if not for the meat he had to clean off the wall, he would have been laughing with them.

Thinking of the meat mess infuriated Jenkins. The silver lining, Devin, at least, would be gone for a few days and when he returned, Jenkins had a talk prepared for him. The ambulance roared off and Jenkins went back to his kitchen, shaking his head the entire time he scrapped the meat off the wall. Barbossa stayed out of sight, she knew her master well enough to avoid his moods.

“Come on Barbossa. We have work to do,” Jenkins called out as he picked up the bags and headed for the tornado shelter.

“Meow,” from Barbossa as she ran out the backdoor.

Barbossa waited patiently as Jenkins lifted the large wooden door open and dropped the door to the side. As soon as the door was open enough for her to fit, Barbossa darted into the shelter. Before gathering up the bags, Jenkins watched the sun begin to set. The setting sun provided enough light for him to walk down the worn wooden steps into the shelter and find the light.

Moving around the small room Jenkins made note of the roots to remove and additional supplies necessary to finish his project. Smacking himself on the head for not thinking to get some freestanding shelves or a trunk first, Jenkins moved the bags to a far corner instead of unpacking them. Bored, Barbossa followed Jenkins as he made one last tour of the room.


“Are you making the drinks by hand?” Jax shouted as he entered the back of the house.

A white towel hit him square in the face.

“What,” he mumbled from beneath the towel.

Tossing the towel onto a nearby table, Jetta stood in the doorway of the kitchen wearing her favorite hat, a Cheshire grin, and nothing else. Her skin glistened and she had one hand behind her back.

“Whatcha got behind your back?” Jax asked taking in his wife’s body.

“Nothing,” she said demurely.

Click! Followed by buzzing sound that filled the room. Jetta’s arm behind her back shook; her grin got larger and her eyes lit up.

“Did it come?” Jax asked.

“I did, twice,” Jetta replied holding aloft a large red vibrator.

Winking, she turned and ran for their bedroom, Jax hot on her heels. She jumped onto the bed scrabbling for the other side when Jax caught her by the ankle; dragging her laughing over to him. He took the vibrator out of her hand, the powerful vibrations shot up his arm.

“Damn,” he said while applying the rounded head to her swollen vulva.

Jetta sucked a breath and gasped as the vibrator did its work on her crotch. Powerful vibrations tingled her clit, her pussy, and her ass. She tried to squirm away, but Jax held onto her ankle and continued to press the vibrator home.

“Enough, enough,” Jetta panted, “It’s too much.”

“Too much you say,” Jax said as he tossed the vibrator onto the pillows where it rolled down onto the bed, vibrations shaking the bed.

He undid his pants with his free hand, his erect cock sprung forth as his pants hit the floor. Grabbing her other ankle Jax pulled her to him impaling her with his cock. Putting her legs on his shoulders Jax thrust deep into Jetta. She used her legs to pull herself tighter against him. The vibrator continued to roll over the bed.

“I love the feel of your cock,” Jetta said between grunts, groans, and moans.

“I love your pussy,” Jax grunted.

A few minutes later laying together on the bed, Jetta turned off the vibrator.

“This is a keeper,” Jetta said with a smile.

“Add it to the trunk,” Jax replied.

A phone rang as they lay together enjoying post sex bliss. Neither of them moved from the bed for the first two rings, on the third Jetta rolled off the bed, Jax grasping after her, and picked up her phone from the nightstand.

“Hello? Hey Mandy.”

Jax woke up when Jetta shook him; he had fallen asleep during the call. As he rolled over, she tossed her phone on the bed and picked up the big red one. Jax watched as she opened their toy chest at the end of the bed. She lifted out the top tray of flavored lubes and set it on the bed. While she made room in the toy chest for the big red one, Jax taste tested their flavored lubes.

Coughing, Jax asked, “Do we have to keep the bacon flavored lube?”

“That bad?” she responded.

“Haven’t you tasted it?”

“No, flavored lube is more of a you thing,” Jetta responded while putting the top tray back, “I prefer au natural,” she finished with a wink.

Rolling off the bed, Jax put on his pants, “Hey, what did Mandy want?”

“Lunch tomorrow she has a new job.”

“Another job? What happened to working at that ice cream place?”

“I’ll find out over lunch.”


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