Nail Clippers, Pages 17 & 18

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Grabbing his car keys from a bowl next to the front door, Jenkins opened the front door and walked into Patience.

“What the..,” he said angrily.

“Good Lord,” Patience said taking a step back.

“Who are you?”

Patience straightened herself out and straightened her back, putting her best face forward.

“How fortunate that we bumped into each other,” Patience said.

“Are you serious?” Jenkins retorted while attempting to walk past her.

“Yes, I am sir. Do you have a few minutes to talk about your salvation?” Patience continued, as if he had not said word and blocking his move around her.

Jenkins held out his keys, “Actually, I do not. I am headed out for the day.”

“Perhaps, I could return later when you have time,” Patience said.

“You know what?” Jenkins said fists balled, “I’m busy for the next few days, but if you come back early next week we can do lunch and you can tell me about salvation.”

A giant smile blossomed on Patience’s face; unconsciously she made the sign of the cross. She opened up her large bag and pulled out a date book. Flipping a few pages, she looked up at Jenkins.

“I can be back Monday or Tuesday,” she replied hopefully.

“You pick one,” Jenkins said walking past her to his car.

“Thank you sir. I will see you next week,” Patience said as Jenkins turned on his car.

He waved to her and drove off; totally forgetting about her by the time he reached Mayer’s, the local big box store.


“You got fired for what?” Jetta asked Mandy.

The loud music made talking more of a shouting match, but Drumsticks was their go to lunch destination. Never had chicken drumsticks and musical drumsticks been put together like they had in Drumsticks and hopefully they never would again, Jetta thought every time she came here. The music, whatever was currently trendy, blared from speakers everywhere and if that was not enough noise, numerous televisions competed with the music.

“You did what with the cones?” Jetta asked, unsure of what Mandy had said.

“I said I got fired for boning the manager over a box of cones.”

“Why did you bone the manager?” Jetta asked around laughs.

“He was cute,” Mandy replied smiling devilishly.

The voluptuous waitress delivered their baskets of drumsticks and fries, walking away before Jetta or Mandy could ask for refills. They gave each other the “what can you expect” shrug.

“What are you going to do for a job?” Jetta asked, pointing at Mandy with a drumstick.

“I already got one,” she replied.

“You did? That’s great,” Jetta gushed, “Where at?”

“At Pussy House Rules,” Mandy replied.

“The titty bar outside of town?”

“Don’t judge,” Mandy admonished, “You know I like to dance. So why not make some money while dancing?”


“But nothing, I need a job and its good money,” Mandy interrupted.

“How do you know its good money?” Jetta asked, seeking a hole in Mandy’s argument and choice of job.

“How do you think I can afford lunch? Other than the cute manager, Dairy Youse paid for shit.”

“You’ve already danced?”

“Pick your jaw off the table. Two nights in a row and I dance tonight. You should come visit,” Mandy said, “Bring Jax he’ll have a great time.”

“I’m sure he will. I’ll think about it,” Jetta said pondering for a moment, “What time do you start?”

“Show up around 9. I’ll leave your names with the door guy.”

Jetta pushed her tray with the remains of a drumstick and cup with one last drink left in the bottom to the middle of the table as she leaned back into the booth.

“Aren’t you going to finish that?” Mandy said gesturing to the food.

“You know I always leave one bite and I never finish a drink,” Jetta responded while checking her phone for messages.

Shaking her head Mandy said, “What the fuck is that about?”

Jetta shrugged and put her phone away.


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