Puddles and Whiskers, New 7


Watching Trouble

Despite the loud music that caused him to fold his ears. Despite the drinks. Despite the nude and semi-nude dancers all around him, Whiskers fumed. He never relaxed, always on the job, and this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect his favorite band. Puddles accusation that he was not on the job got under his fur more than he wanted to admit. Being near Acid Chamber was a bonus, not his goal, he thought angrily. How many times had Puddles caused trouble on a job, his anger built as he silently vented.

Seductively walking towards his table, her tail waving in come-hither manner, her yellow and brown fur sparkling from glitter, a cat dancer approached him, interrupting his anger. He gently pushed a dancer away from the table he sat at alone. See, he thought, I am on the job. He took a moment to watch her walk away, sometimes the job sucked, he thought.

From his seat, he watched Blaster and his entourage behave like animals. Most of the patrons left after Trukk, a “friend” of Blasters’, hopped on stage and announced the “take over by Acid Chamber.” The manager seeing an opportunity closed the doors and made tonight all about Acid Chamber. Whiskers laughed at the memory of the first dancer trying to dance to Acid Chamber, she gave up and threw her costume at the band in exchange for an influx of isstas. Another crash, more breaking glass, more laughter, more Acid Chamber at bone rattling levels, and the shine of being around them wore thin.

From her seat at ‘ffine, Puddles watched the front door of the club, the holos continued to dance, although their smooth motions changed to jerky, almost spastic, dancing shortly after the manager turned the sign from open all night to closed for private event. Picking at her muffin and sipping her coffee, Puddles waited to hear from Chuck or for trouble.

In the cacophony of noise, Whiskers missed the first sign of trouble. So was the second and third. To him, everyone looked like they were having a grand time drinking, dancing, singing, and fighting. Fighting? Standing to get a better view of the dance floor, Whiskers could not tell if they were dancing to Acid Chamber or fighting, the difference between the two more subtle than expected. Two bouncers jumping off the stage and more rushing in from the side sealed the deal, a fight.

Pushing through the cluster of dancers and drunk hanger-ons, Whiskers came face to face with a very angry and very large human bouncer pulling back a chromed fist holding Acid Chamber’s bassist off the floor with his other chromed fist. Without thinking, Whisker snapped a kick at the bouncer’s knee, instantly regretting not thinking, his foot striking hard and the bouncer unmoved. A single punch snapped the bassist’s head back; the bouncer dropped him to the floor, and turned to Whiskers.

When the security team arrived, Puddles was waiting outside the club sipping the last of her coffee. Glancing at her watch, she mentally noted to give Chuck a bonus for the fast work. A six-man security team exited the truck and waited for direction.

Inside the club, Whiskers shoved another table in the bouncer’s path, while ducking another powerful punch. He backed into a knot of people fighting and took a powerful punch to the ribs when he glanced away. Fumbling for his stun stick, Whisker took another punch that knocked him to his knees, then down to the ground when the knot of people fighting fell on top of him.

Another glance at her watch surprised Puddles, all this time and no trouble, maybe this would be a quiet assignment after all…the front doors crashed open, an Acid Chamber song blasting from inside, the jerky holos vanished, as the first of entourage landed on the ground. The security team looked at Puddles for direction she waved them off. In ones and twos members of the entourage and band were forcefully ejected from the club by bouncers. Landing simultaneously Whiskers and Blaster.


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