Open Driveway Events

A snow day is not a good day for writing. I know it sounds like it should be, but the kids are unexpectedly home which means they are “bored” all of the time. See where this is going? So while I wait for them to go back to school and you wait for Puddles and Whiskers or Chuck’s Tail, I present to you more edited Facebook (I post one of these a day except on weekends) fun, Open Driveway Events are fictitious business based on the reality of where we live. Enjoy. 🙂


Swim, Ski, and Skate in one day at Open Driveway Events Three S Day. Thanks to Michigan’s fickle relationship with Mother Nature you, the customer, benefits from her capricious nature.

Show up early, bring a swim suit, skis, and skates. From open until 2 PM swim your heart out and your limbs off in one of our numerous swimming holes. Ranging in size from sitting pond to a lap around the U we have swimming opportunities for everyone. No running or diving though.

After 2 PM, if Mother Nature has her way, put on your skis and cross country ski over almost two acres of some of the most varied landscape you have seen. Small hills, small valleys, one steep hill, and tons of gopher trails will keep you guessing.

Nightfall, strap on your skates and take a spin on one of the frozen ponds, formerly swimming holes. Due to expansion, the frozen ponds will be one  sheet of ice stretch across the front forty of Open Driveway Events.

As a bonus, the snow is supposed to be heavy, so why not craft a snow sculpture to commemorate your day here.

Open Driveway Events is not responsible or liable for injuries incurred while swimming, skiing, or skating. For a small fee access to a towel, for a larger small fee access to bento lunch or bento dinner.


On this wet, rainy day, where the rain seems never ending and the puddles are turning into ponds and soon into lakes Open Driveway Events is pleased to announce our 1st Annual Noah’s Ark Furry Two-By-Two Mixer and BBQ.

Show up alone or with another animal, walk the plank (hmmm…) make that walk up the plank where other furries await. Mix, mingle, co-mingle, and eat BBQ while riding out the rain. Unlike the ark, we are not limiting our boat’s capacity to two of each animal, as many as can fit and on almost two acres that is a lot of fur-ry space.

When the rain finally abates feel free to run, romp, and play in the new land…still wet and probably very puddly land with the furry friends you bonded with during the storm or over BBQ. Yes, that’s right because I am cooking and grilling there will be BBQ. Is BBQ and fur a good mix, probably not, but then again I’m just the captain of the ark and the cook for all who show up, in other words cleaning is another associates problem.

Finally, at the end of the night provided the clouds have cleared pick a spot of ground (still wet) and stare at the stars.

Open Driveway Events is not liable or responsible for damage to furry outfits. Please be responsible when eating BBQ.


Welcome back.

After a weekend recharging the batteries, Open Driveway Events is happy to announce first of what we hope are many BBQ Star Viewing Events.

The great thing about our location, other than all of the dogs (great if you are a dog lover), is the relatively remote location, almost two acres of land, and very low amount of light pollution. What does that mean for you?

It means, if you like looking up, and who doesn’t, you can on a clear sky night see stars. Lots of stars. Stand just about anywhere on our almost two acres and stare up at the wonder of the night sky and ponder how in the hell this planet can really be the be all end all a lot of people think it is.

And if pondering and staring isn’t enough for you, enjoy some BBQ off our currently small grill. We have a very good cook, he reads a lot of cooking books and cooks a lot, and he is gearing up for a long and productive season of grilling and woking on the grill.

Come on out stare at the sky while cramming your pie hole full of delicious hot off the grill BBQ.

No disclaimers other than the usual, not liable for injury due to gopher holes, interactions with motor vehicles, falling objects, and burns from food.


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