Games We Play: Game Prep

Raise your hand if you like setting up or tearing down games?

If you raised your hand you are either lying or a masochist. 🙂

We love to play games. Unfortunately, we are limited to playing games during breaks from school, holidays, summer vacation, and weekends. Thus, weekends is where you get to read Games We Play. 🙂

Of all of the aspects of playing a game, game prep, or the preparation to play a game is the least favorite around here. Game prep used to be solely my least favorite thing, as I am the person who picks the games, learns the rules, teaches the rules, and until recently the person who set up and tore down games. Talk about not a lot fun.

Thankfully as the children age they are taking more interest in the games they play, which means input on games we play and for me, slightly more interest in learning how set up and tear down games. Notice the slightly.

Currently Rise of the Runelords Goblins and some version of Warhammer 40K (actual Warhammer 40k or Kill Team) are the two favorite games. Unfortunately, both games have lengthy game prep and game tear down phases…and neither child enjoys either, go figure.

Taking Rise of the Runelords Goblins, to play the following must be completed, not in any particular order:

  1. Pull the boxed set out of the game cabinet along with play mat
  2. Pull the current scenario out of the box
  3. Assemble the five location decks and blessing deck (this involves drawing cards from up to 10 different decks)
  4. Shuffle the location decks
  5. Pull out each player’s character deck and dice
  6. Establish where each player will sit
  7. Play (this is the last step of set up)

To tear down a game of Rise of the Runelord Goblins

Put any extra cards in the box

  1. Disassemble any remaining location decks (split one deck into up to 10 different decks)
  2. Yell at players to stop throwing cards they acquired during a game, but do not want onto the play mat that you are currently trying to tear down
  3. Remind players to assemble their deck for the next game
  4. Remind players to get their rewards
  5. Pick up all remaining cards other than Blessing Deck, unless the last game of the night
  6. Assemble your own deck
  7. Pick over cards acquired, but not wanted left by other players
  8. Put those cards away
  9. Deep breath

There are a lot of steps and the sad thing is that usually you do this by yourself with up to four other people at the table or in the room. At least that is how it used to be, times are a changing for the better.

Typically what happens is one person will assemble the location decks and walk away from the table, someone else will shuffle the location decks and put them where they think they should go, another person will adjust them while making sure player decks are in place along with dice.

Tear down is still mostly a one person show, but everyone is getting better about not throwing unwanted cards on the table and if not putting cards away putting them into organized piles for easier putting away.

Yep, game prep…least fun part of gaming around here and notice I did not get into Warhammer 40k. 🙂



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