Nail Clippers, Pages 19 & 20

Right around here is where I started making a decision on who Jenkins would become…unfortunately, right after this things get muddled. Hopefully, things get unmuddled and Jenkins chooses a direction. 🙂


Old Man Jenkins hated Mayer’s. Unfortunately, there were only two big box stores in town and he refused to shop at AwlMarts, which left Mayer’s where it seemed everyone came at the same time he did. Jenkins walked from the back of the parking lot into Mayer’s picking up a shopping cart along the way.

“Good afternoon,” the cherubic and overly friendly greeter belted out at anyone walking in.

Putting on his best, “I am happy to be here smile,” Jenkins pushed the cart past her. Walking back to the Storage Solutions aisle Jenkins envied Barbossa who was most likely sound asleep on his bed. Another cart crashing into his cart shook Jenkins out of his envious mood.

“Hey, don’t I know you?” Jax asked, as he pulled his cart out of the collision.

Jenkins moved his own cart back and looked up at the man, where did he know him? A wide smile crept across his face as he remembered where he saw this man before.

“You were at the hardware store talking to my wife?” Jax asked.

“That’s right. I had hard wood,” Jenkins laughed thinking about the wood in his cart at the time and the memory of Jax’s wood under the towel.

Jax laughed, “Funny crashing into you here. What are you shopping for?”

Jenkins pointed to the storage solutions, “I have some things I need to store soon.”

“That’s cool. I’m here for more planting supplies,” Jax said indicating the contents of his cart with a wave of his hand, “Well, I need to get home before Jetta returns from lunch.”

“Nice seeing you again,” Jenkins said, “By the way, my name is Jenkins.”

Jax shook Jenkins’s hand, “My name is Jax and my missing better half is Jetta. I’m sure we will bump into each other again.”

A short while later Jenkins loaded the large blue storage containers into his car. Patting down his pants for his keys, he pulled out the delivery receipt for the truck and cabinets, tomorrow around noon. Jenkins looked up feeling the sun on his face, things were definitely moving in the right direction.


“Seriously?” Jax asked Jetta.

“Yes,” Jetta replied hand on hip trying her best not to start laughing at the kid in a candy store look on Jax’s face, “we are going to the titty bar tonight.”

“I better get some singles,” Jax said and started laughing, “Which titty bar are we going to?”

“Pussy House Rules.”


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