Puddles and Whiskers New 11

I know, back to back New Puddles and Whiskers and even better the story is progressing or at least the plot that started it all is on the move again…and a frying pan. This falls before yesterday’s post and there is at least one scene after this one as well, got to meet Eth over noodles. 🙂

Eventually, when the new material reaches critical editing mass for me, roughly 50 pages of material, I will post everything as one chunk and then go back to revising/expanding then washing and dry brushing.

Until then, enjoy. 🙂

Second Try

“It’s here!” Puddles shouted with excitement.

Whiskers walked into the office to find Puddles, excited look on her face, holding a large brown box and Zippy Delivery driver exiting. Before he could ask, Puddles tore the top of the box open and reached inside scattering packing peanuts all over her side of the desk; nobody would notice he thought. With a flourish and explosion of more packing peanuts, Puddles brandished a frying pan.

Eyebrow raised, “That was fast,” Whisker said.

“I had them shipped express.”


“I ordered a set of them. Figured I might need more than one.”

“You could give your Mother one of them.”

A thoughtful look flashed over Puddles face, “I could.”

“But you will not,” Whiskers mumbled returning to get his coffee.

The loud metallic crash informed Whiskers that Puddles had dropped the box from her side of the desk onto the floor. Returning to the office with a cup of coffee he was not surprised by the mess. Sitting down, he flicked several packing peanuts onto her side of the desk.

“Who do we know that could pass as a patient?” Whiskers asked.

Puddles stopped practice swinging her frying pan, “Who don’t look like us? Nobody.”


“What the tonnan!” Chuck shouted from behind the front door Puddles struck with an errant frying pan swing.

Puddled put her frying pan down and held the door open for Chuck, “Sorry.”

Whiskers waved a greeting and returned to the computer, clicking through their contacts. Puddles leaned over to look at the list.

“See, nobody.”

“Nobody what?” Chuck asked on his way past the desk to get coffee.

“Whiskers thinks we need someone who looks like a ganger to get past the receptionist.”

“Hey, that’s a good idea,” Chuck shouted from kitchen. “Have you tried Eth?” he asked returning with a cup of coffee.

“Eth is cymean and so not a ganger,” Puddles sarcastically retorted.

Shooting her a glare, “Not as a ganger, because he knows gangers.”

“Excellent suggestion,” Whiskers said.


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