Nothing To See Here Unless You Live Here

Sorry if you came here looking for your mostly daily dose of one story or another. I am working on more for everything, which will make you happy later. Today however, is about adulting or at least a version of adulting I have heard about.

As you may or may not know we (collective Barb and I) finished 10 years of college (her 10, me 5). Five of those years were spent living on a college campus. Sure our living space was called “family housing,” but if you peruse past blogs you will come to understand that we had a larger dorm room with the various issues of living in a larger dorm room.

One of our issues, furniture. When we moved in we had nothing and thankfully my grandparents got us some starter furniture. That was five years ago and many many hours of abuse from the children. Honestly we did not think much about furniture other than “is that bookshelf going to collapse under the weight of those text books.” In fact, the most commonly purchased piece of furniture, bookshelves. When we moved, before the destruction and give away section of any move, we had 10 or 11 useable bookshelves. This does not include the many bookshelves who met their end under our five year assault of books.

We move here, where we are happy and slowly, but surely the place is built around us in a satisfying manner. We move the furniture that we had. Set up the furniture we had. And declared all was well. Focusing on Barb passing her licensing exam and the attendant garbage of post move we really did not give any thought to our furniture. And then we did…

Most of our furniture was college cheap furniture designed to last for a limited time and that time was closing in. What to do? A friend of ours suggested that because our circumstances were improving we purchase “adult furniture,” “We already have adult furniture have you seen our…oh you meant…nevermind…we got this…”

except when we started looking at real furniture and non-adult, but adult furniture two things stood out to me:

  1. real furniture is expensive
  2. non-real furniture often appeals to me more

I do not like or want to spend hundreds of dollars on a couch or entertainment center. I don’t. Furniture gets damaged in a house with two children and visitors. I don’t want to live in a museum where nobody can have any fun. I also do not like to spend hundreds of dollars on one item that I sit on or that a TV sits on.

More importantly, to me at least, the faux build it  yourself furniture such as Sauder looks better to me, perhaps this is because this is what I have looked at for years now, but more importantly than looks, has things I want that real furniture seems to lack. Extra drawers, doors, shelves, and such. Nothing major, but if I can get what I want and pay less, why not?

And here we are today, we picked up a lot of DIY furniture. Funny story, when we saw the stuff in the stores we really didn’t think about how it would fit in the home. We needed a new entertainment center, awesome, this one is a foot longer; sitting at home looking at where we thought it would go, “Crap, how do we make this fit?” So pardon our dust and the lack of a story for a day while we figure out where all of this non-adult adult faux DIY furniture goes. 🙂


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