How Hard Is It To Get It In The Box?

The past few days have been filled with professional writing for others, editing and revising for others, painting for others, and building furniture for others. You might think I am an altruistic person based on that statement and maybe there is some truth to that, but right now based on the last thing, building furniture for others, I feel irked.

For the most part I do not mind writing for others, I have over my time written a history paper-got an A for someone, a bunch of letters, some other assignment, letters of recommendation, and a few resumes. The times I mind are when people give me shit about what they asked me to write. That has not happened for a long time, thus I am not irked about any of the writing I have recently done. In fact, I am pretty happy with a couple of them.

Editing and revising also put a smile on my face, granted not as big of a smile as writing, who likes to edit after all? Put your hand down. I really enjoy assisting with resumes. Alas! No resumes this week, lots of emails and letters to people who I don’t know. Still enjoyable to take an idea or thought and craft it into something the person can send away knowing it says what they wanted. And I might add, my edited/revised work has a good success rate. 🙂

Our girl wants to join our games of Warhammer. However, she does not want to paint her miniatures or at least not those for her army. I can understand that, she likes to paint dragons, frogs, and princesses-there are no princesses in Warhammer 40k. And she also was under the impression there was no pink either. At her request I spent the week painting her Imperial Guard squad. I let her choose the colors and went to town. She has been geeked seeing them and she has impatiently asked for her tank (she had to have a tank) to get painted, that is my next job.

Painting has not irked me either. Sure, I would like her to learn how to paint her own miniatures like her brother is, but these things take time and she is enjoying painting other miniatures. Until then, she has a pink squad and soon tank to play with. Hers is hardly the first non-traditional colored army I have done, remind me one day to tell you the story of the bubblegum camouflage and the gamers who couldn’t cope.

What has me irked today is the non-adult furniture that is missing hardware. Without hardware what do I have? A pile of “wood” and shattered dreams. Okay the shattered dreams is a bit much, but the “wood” is not. Thus, while the children occupy themselves, I fume. The plan for the weekend, while Barb is at work, I build, organize, arrange, and then we play games when she got home. Now I have to tell her to avoid that pile of “wood” there and figure out if packing everything back into the “box” is worth it or just order the parts. Ugh.

Just ugh.


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