Menagerie: Strike

“What a piece of junk,” Three-Tusk was never one to keep his opinions to himself, Wheez thought.

Wheeze shook his multicolored mane that flashed through several shades of red before settling on a deep red color. He looked over his right shoulder towards the back of the command deck where Three-Tusk operated the weapons console or at least looked like he was. In reality, he sat there staring. His porcine face, mouth open vividly displaying all three of his namesake tusks, at the vid-screen and the massive bovine merchant ship displayed.

The bovine ship was a long block-shaped beast. The front end was blunt nosed, with several square protrusions extending from each side. Extending from the back of the front-end block a long square tube that ended where the engines began; four massive engines that provided just enough power to keep the ship running. Spaced evenly along the length of the center tube were four cargo pod rings; the extra cargo pods could be ejected in case of trouble, but most often just to off-load the pods from the center cargo bay. Painted black, various degrees of damage all over the ship and the name “Majestic” painted on the front and engines completed the image of the bovine merchant ship.

“Yes, Tusk, that is the target. It may look like a piece of junk, but it is full of food and supplies that we can sell for a lot of isstas,” Wheez said sharply. “Do you have a problem with my choice of targets? Tongue, have they detected us yet?”

“They don’t know we are here. Move us in for the kill?” Long Tongue asked.

His tongue swept over his teeth and lips like he had just finished a huge meal and was looking for any morsels he had missed. Long Tongue’s unadorned mane shook as he adjusted the controls bringing the Death Cackle into attack position above and behind the Majestic.

As the ship began its attack run, Wheez began to laugh, a series of wheezes turning into a loud barking cough, echoing throughout the command deck. Long Tongue started his loud cackling laugh like a maniac shortly after Wheez started to laugh.

Looking like a knife, all edges and dangerous looking, the Death Cackle bore down, engines at full burn, from above and behind the Majestic. Red lances of energy from the Cackle struck the Majestic’s engines instantly melting the metal, causing the engine plating to buckle and the engines to shut down. As the Cackle moved along the top of the Majestic lances of lasers continued to strike the Majestic causing rows of damage all the way to the tip of the front of the ship.

“Excellent!” Wheez shouted and laughed at the same time, “Bring us around and make connection with the central cargo bay, we don’t want them jettisoning a cargo pod while we are in it.”


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