Puddles and Whiskers, A Side Tail: Meet A Bad Guy Part 1

Writers conundrum, do I insert non-main character perspectives into the current story; i.e. do the view points and actions of bad guys fit in with the current narrative? I’m not sure. I am sure that Red Twist, the first named bad guy in their story, but Red Twist is not a new bad guy. He was the initial focus of John and Talia, but I did not like…well a lot of what I wrote about him then. So I aim to fix that here, until I figure out where this goes. Most likely write this until his path crosses with Puddles, Whiskers, and Chuck. Enjoy. 🙂

Meet A Bad Guy

Red Twist stalked through the crowded Bloody Hand to his table at the back of the bar. Where patrons did not move fast enough he or one of his bodyguards moved them for him. Twist marveled at the mixed crowd, members of several affiliated gangs and wageslaves. Things were changing, he thought, not to long ago only members of the Red Hands and affiliated gangs would be here, drinking, dancing, fighting, and fucking. A moment of panic, were any of the wageslaves undercover cops?

Leaning back in the chair, his back against the wall, Twist watched Singe and his two bodyguards approach the table. A mid-level member of the Hand’s Singe had aspirations of greatness, just no talent or vision, Twist recalled. Salvage and Free Ride his bodyguards stood near the table waiting.

“Twist,” Singe said with a touch of anger.

“Have a seat Singe,” Twist replied ignoring the anger. “I see you brought along some help.”

“Like you,” Singe retorted.

Twist simmered at Singe’s implication, pushing his anger aside, for now, “Why haven’t the Dragons made the delivery?”

“No small talk,” Singe said sarcastically.

Salvage took a step forward, Twist nodded, halting Salvage. Glaring at Singe, Twist waited.

“We…I heard you were headed for a stint in the Pit. I thought I could make a better deal.”

“A better deal?”

“Yeah…you know…” Singe stammered.

Twist stood up, causing the chair to slam into the wall, one-step later he pulled his knife out of one of Singe’s bodyguard stomach, then ran the blade across his throat, letting the body hit the floor. Red Twist clenched his new red meme-tattooed augmented fist, the meme-tattoo flaring red before flames burst from the knuckles along the back of the fist. Based on reactions, a startling and effective display that matched his reputation. Leaning over the table, knuckles pressed down, caused the flames to brighten and move, Twist put his spiked scarred face close enough to feel Singe’s breath.

“This is the part where you say, yes sir I’ll take care of the problem,” menace dripping from each slowly spoken word.

Singe’s eyes widened, his remaining bodyguard reached for his gun. At the same time, Twist’s bodyguards reached for their guns. Singe held a hand up and pushed back from the table.

“Yes sir,” said with a sneer. “The Dragon’s will make the delivery as promised.” Pointing at Twist’s new hand, “Nice touch.”

Holding the hand up, the flames dying down as his fingers stretched out, “This touch is why I am not in the Pit and you are not in charge.”

Twist watched Singe and his bodyguard shoulder their way through the bar, before snapping his fingers. A millisecond before Twist snapped his fingers Salvage leaned next to the side of Twist’s face.

“Make sure Singe completes the deal,” Twist ordered.

“If he doesn’t?” Salvage asked.

“Complete the deal yourself and take care of Singe.”



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