Food We Eat: Fondue, Yes Please

I know, normally a Games We Play day, but the only other game we played this weekend was Epic Tiny Kingdoms or Tiny Epic Kingdoms, either way small and fun and for another day.

Warm weather is here…for about two hours a day, but that is a start and that start has me thinking about all of the wonderful things I can cook outside on a grill. I have not been much a grill person due to a variety of living circumstances now that I can grill I want to grill. Grilling goes well with the Asian cooking I love; grilled chicken cut up into stir fry or grilled steak in steak and broccoli and grilled vegies…my mouth is watering and my stomach is rumbling.

Grilling? Isn’t the title of this fondue? Why yes it is.

I like fondue. Okay, I like the idea of fondue. People sitting around a communal pot of whatever eating and talking. However, until very recently I have not had a fondue device worth a shit. We had a fondue device that resembled the shit emoji, I’m told it is a chocolate chip, given that all it ever did was burn chocolate, the shit emoji is closer to the truth for me.

Cue beam of sunlight, we have a fondue pot that is good for two other things I have always wanted to do; tempura and hot pots. Dipping food into cheese or chocolate is great, but dipping food into hot oil or a seasoned broth even better. And this fondue wonderdevice does all three. However, before tempura and hot pot came the obligatory chocolate dip.

When given a choice of cheese or chocolate, everyone wanted chocolate. Great more food goes in chocolate than in cheese. Yes, cheese is good, but after a short while cheese, especially melted cheese wears itself out. Chocolate is good for a while. Last night proved that.

As this was an impromptu, meaning we bought the fondue wonderdevice and put it to use almost immediately we needed ingredients. Word to the wise, never send hungry people who love chocolate to shop for food to dip into chocolate. While the shopped, I prepped for dinner; nobody eats desert (dip or otherwise) without a good meal in them. Dinner prep took an hour, twenty minutes after that they returned loaded with groceries…lots of groceries…

  • graham crackers
  • Star Wars grahams and yes dipping Chewbacca and C-3PO into chocolate was more satisfying than a graham cracker 🙂
  • marshmallows
  • kiwi
  • strawberries
  • bananas
  • raspberries
  • blueberries
  • blackberries
  • angle food cake
  • oranges
  • apples
  • pretzel sticks, rods would have been better
  • mango

See, a lot. Washing and cutting all of the fruit took longer than cooking five rice bowls for everyone. Once everything was ready and rice bowls consumed fun and dipping ensued. Here are some fondos and fondon’ts:

  • kiwi is slippery no matter how you skewer them
  • marshmallows melt fast when they fall into the fondue which they do often
  • berries are next to impossible to dip, throw in and fish out with a spoon easy, but on the end of a skewer, next to impossible
  • mango…I like mango, mango in chocolate not so much

For me, the highlight is the shared experience all of us had dipping food, fishing food out, eating, and talking about a whole host of topics. If you can, find a good fondue wonderdevice and have people over. Soon hotpot. 🙂



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