Menagerie: Twins, Cargo, and Leftovers


Twins, Cargo, and Leftovers

Long Tongue stalked through the bov cargo ship looking for bovs to kill or the engine room whichever came first. Passing through an abandoned mess hall, Long Tongue kicked over a table with large bowls of hay. A few minutes later, figures, he thought standing outside the sealed engine room. Flipping open the keypad, he entered a few codes common to bov ships, nothing.

“Status!” Wheez shouted over the comm.

“Locked out of the engine room, working on a bypass. Send the twins if you want it done faster,” Long Tongue reported.

Rummaging through his cargo pockets, Long Tongue assembled his lock scrambler. Setting the lock scrambler against the bulkhead, he busied himself untangling the cords and smashing the keypad off the wall. A scratching sound approaching was his only warning when the Twins arrived. Twin One, pushed Long Tongue aside, while Twin Two turned in a circle looking around the door and corridor.

“What you looking for?” Tongue asked.

Both Twins ignored him. Twin One spun around thrusting Tongue’s lock scrambler into his gut. Scrambling to catch the lock scrambler, he lost sight of Twin Two. With a clang, a vent cover landed next to Tongue causing him to jump and almost drop his scrambler.

“What the!” jumping back Tongue exclaimed.

But the corridor was empty, the end of a pink tail disappearing into the vent.


Twin One knew she did not need to check behind her to know Twin Two was there. Only when there was “special” need did anyone on the Cackle pay attention to them, otherwise they did what they wanted, mostly worked on upgrading the ship, keeping the engines running, and practicing their unique skills. Crawling through the ductwork of a bov ship could be one of those unique skills, they thought.

Looking down on the engine room, the Twins searched for the bov crew. If this ship had an engineer, they would be here with their beloved engines. Five minutes of sweating in the heat, nothing. One handed Two the tools and resumed watching while Two removed the vent cover.

Dropping to the floor with only a soft thud, One drew her hooked knives and rolled behind a control station. A twitch of her tail and Two dropped down beside her. With a nod, they moved around the engine room in opposite directions, searching. The engineer must have sensed something, but too late; One dove over the top of a console as Two rolled past, two clean cuts neck and gut.


“Twins are doing their thing, nothing else to report,” Tongue reported.

“Bridge secured. Tusk is checking systems files. Update me when you have something.”


A hiss announced the engine room doors opening. Tongue twirled claw on his weapon, as the Twins strolled by dragging a dead bov.

“All clear!” he shouted at the Twins.

No response, as he expected from them.

“Wheez engine room is ours.”

“Excellent, now let’s loot some cargo and eat some burgers.”

“See you in cargo hold one.”


“Pack it up,” Wheez commanded as he threw a bone to the back of the cargo hold.

Affirmatives sounded across the hold.

“Should we pack up the leftovers?” Tusk asked walking by pushing several cargo crates.

“Waste not, want not,” Wheez replied.


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