Nail Clippers, Pages 27 & 28 For Real

Color me embarrassed. In my eagerness to work on Nail Clippers I skipped…let’s leave it at a lot of pages. Thankfully, I caught the mistake. So here is the real pages and the other post will get amended at the right time. In other news, as I move this forward I am writing new material to finish the story or at least move the story along. Enjoy. 🙂


“Do you have few moments to talk about your salvation?” Patience asked.

Chloe’s first thought was to shoot this woman in the knee for disturbing her morning ritual of coffee and quiet contemplation. Stun gunning or macing the woman quickly replaced that thought. Perhaps switching to decaf was necessary. Chloe took a long sip of coffee giving Patience her cop stare.

“I’m on a…”

“Mission from God?” Chloe interrupted.

“Why yes, a mission from God,” Patience said ignoring or missing the Blue’s Brothers reference.

“Before you get started,” Chloe interrupted, “I am leaving for work.”

Patience’s right eyebrow shot up, disbelief, but resignation written over her face. “I could come back another day.”

“That’d be great,” Chloe answered while shutting the door.

“How does…” Patience said before the door shut in her face.

Straightening her shoulders, adjusting her purse, Patience made a silent prayer and walked to the next house. One day, someone would hear her message and his or her life would be changed. One day.


“Sign here,” the nurse said indicating the signature line with a stab of her finger, “and here and here.”

Smirking the entire time, Devin took the pen and signed his name in the indicated spots, “I really am sorry about that accident,” he said as saccharin sweetly as he could muster before bursting out in giggles and snorts.

At Devin’s giggling, Chaz sitting next to the hospital bed snorted in laughter.

“Here is your discharge paperwork, information sheet, and prescription,” the nurse said, not amused. “I hope you pay attention to the instructions, you would not want to return here,” her voice full of menace and a promise of no further “accidents.”

“Are they ready?” a security officer, hand on the hilt of her club asked.

“All yours,” the nurse said as she walked past the officer.

“We get an escort,” Chaz said, his voice cracking on we and escort.

“Only the best of me,” Devin said, smirking the entire time.

“Let’s go,” the officer commanded, gesturing for them to start walking.


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