Sick Erotica…I Mean, I’m Sick & A Piece of Erotica

Please pardon the absence of anything remotely organized or resembling stories I am working on. Several disease vectors finally nailed me and I am sick. A regimen of vitamin C, hellbroth ramen (that is ramen loaded with gochujang), water, and sinus drugs has me out of sorts…okay the sinus funk has me out of sorts those other things are symptom treaters and comfort food.

Until I get better or at least the headache dies down enough that lights don’t hurt me eyes, enjoy this piece of erotica from several years ago that…well you be the judge. Back to bed for me.

Vampire Dick

She felt euphoric, filled, and wanting at the same time. Andrea reached out in the dark grasping a rigid cock and began stroking. She would have begged the owner of the cock to fuck her, except that a thick cock occupied her mouth, fucking her throat. Another long cock fucked her pussy banging painfully against her cervix every few thrusts and Andrea wanted more. The cock in her mouth swelled larger; a moment later, her mouth filled with his salty semen. She swallowed as fast as she could even as the cock hit the back of her throat causing her to gag and stayed there blocking off air. Her eyes watered, she started to panic, but could not move, hands held her head against his crotch and other hands held her hips down as the long cock fucked away.

Before she thought she was going to pass out the cock pulled out. Andrea took huge gulps of air, before a hand grabbed her throat closing off the oxygen and yanking her off the long cock. Pulled by her throat Andrea was forced onto a man; she only got a brief glimpse of him and his enormous cock before her pussy was split open as the cock forced its way into her. She wimped as the cock pushed her pussy lips apart, filling her cunt up. The hand on her throat let up, only to pull her mouth onto another cock that resumed fucking her mouth where the last one left off. Andrea felt a cock poking her asshole. With a thrust that caused her to gasp the cock forced its way into her ass joining in rhythm the cock in her pussy.

An hour later, Andrea lay on the floor of the basement. Her face, tits, pussy, and ass covered in cum. Her jaw hurt. Her ass hurt. Her pussy hurt. Yet, she wanted more. Needed more. She had no control over this desire of hers even as her body was beyond moving. A shadow crossed her face, more she thought, opening her cum crusted eyes and saw a giant purple, veiny, and throbbing cock attached to well-muscled man. The cock looked angry. The cock radiated sex and anger. Andrea shivered with lust at the thought of every orifice being fucked to death by that cock. The man squatted over her face, resting his balls on her forehead.

“You may cum now, my pet,” he whispered.

The orgasm took Andrea by force; her toes and legs cramped up, her throat raw from the fucking hurt more as she roared with orgasm, she squirted sending a stream across the floor before more ran down her cum leaking crotch onto the floor, finally she curled into a ball shaking with relief. He grabbed her ankles, pulled her legs apart, and pulled her over to him. Her throbbing and aching cunt against the tip of his cock. Just the tip resting against her pussy sent waves of pleasure through her.

“You did this because I commanded you to. You will do more. You are mine,” he whispered as he drove his cock into her.

Andrea screamed in lust and pain. His cock hurt, she thought she was being stabbed, and at the same time it was the best cock she had ever had inside her. Through the orgasm haze and cum covered eyes she watched as his face went from white to healthy pink.

“I have finished feeding. Clean yourself up and return three days from now.”


Three days could not pass fast enough and every passing moment the hunger grew inside of her. By the time she arrived at his bar she was salivating with lust; her pussy dripped, she didn’t bother with panties. Andrea passed the bouncer without a glance from him. As usual, college-age people packed the bar. Most stood at the bar or around the tables drinking, smoking, and talking. A few danced, mostly women to whatever popular pop-tune. Andrea paid them no mind, scanning the bar for Jon.

A strong arm wrapped around her waist and effortlessly pulled her backward into a hard chest. Soft lips kissed her neck. Sharp teeth nipped her neck playfully. He pulled Andrea back a few steps into the corner darkness of the bar, his free hand underneath her skirt parting her sopping lips with ease.

“Naughty girl,” he chuckled into her ear.

While he kissed her neck and ear, he parted her legs with the hand between her legs and rapidly plunged two fingers into her pussy. Andrea gasped in pleasure from the attention to her neck and his attentions to her pussy. She felt his cock pressing against her ass and she wanted that cock inside of her. Jon had other ideas, a sharp bite on her neck followed by sucking sent Andrea into a euphoric state. At the same time, he vigorously finger fucked her pussy until she squirted over his hand. He held her upright the entire time. Weak kneed he spun her around to face him; she could not avert his gaze.

His hand went under her shirt and with a tug he dropped her bra to the floor and kicked it aside. His hands went up her shirt grasping her tits, his fingers pinching her already erect nipples. His penetrating gaze demanded her complete attention.

“You will sit in our booth enjoying the music and people. You will entertain anyone who sits at the booth with you and asks how is your cat. The entire time you are with them you will behave as if you are with me.”

He broke the gaze.

“I have to attend to the bar.”

“I’ll wait for you in our booth,” Andrea said.

“I will stop by when I have a moment,” Jon said as he went to the bar.

Andrea walked across the bar to their booth in a darkened corner of the bar. A drink and platter of snack food was waiting for her.



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