A List of Potential

It has taken me a great many years to finally accept the truth about me and the word plan. I have several words that I despise, busy and sure are the top two. Busy because busy is the bullshit word people use when they are too lazy to come up with a real reason why they don’t want to do something and sure because people tend to use sure when they mean yes, but are too whatever to pick the clear cut unambiguous yes. I like yes. I know what you mean. Sure gives wiggle room on what you could mean.

Oh yeah, back to plan. I am a type someletterofthealphabit person, I don’t like labels so I will keep the letter to myself. I make lists. I like lists. I finish lists. If I make lists, if I like lists, and I complete lists then why do plans go completely off the rails? Don’t hand me that lists and plans are two different words, I know they are, but they are similar in the same way as potato and french fry are. If I make lists and complete lists I am on some level, organized, a plan is a system of organization to achieve a goal. See similar like tomato and ketchup.

And yet, plans always without fail blow up in some fashion, typically unexplained, unexpected, and unwanted (unwarranted) way. I would put the testimonials from everyone who has ever watched or been part of one of my plans that went awry, but that too was a plan. Instead I will share with you the plan that was for this weekend.

Looking at a three day weekend with the kids I made a plan:

  • grill each day: chicken, steak, and hamburger along with some veg
  • paint miniatures
  • play games: small games such as Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Get Bit, and few of the other smaller travel games we like
  • play larger games: continue our game of Rise of the Goblins and set up for Shadow War Armageddon
  • visit with friends some of whom would be painting, all of whom would be eating…yes eating I grill it you eat it!

See not that big of a plan, plenty of fun and food. And I went and caught a cold. A stupid cold. Now I could have been selfish and had everyone over and infected them, but I don’t do that. In fact, I go the opposite and quarantine myself away from others. So far seems to have worked, the kids have not caught my cold and friends who may catch a cold did not get it from me.

Now, I know that is one plan for one three day weekend, but there are more, many many more. So as of today, I acknowledge, I realize, I actualize that the word plan and I are not on speaking terms. Lists work. I make a list and I complete the list. I make a plan and things go off. So what word will I use, if I have to, potential.

This is a potential activity for the weekend. I like that potential has so much more going for it than plan.


5 thoughts on “A List of Potential

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