Menagerie: Yoshi and Caesar


Yoshi And Caesar

Yoshi coughed twice. Waving her thick paw to disperse the smoke gathering around her face, Yoshi looked around the bar for the third time hoping to catch a glimpse of her quarry. Across the table her partner, Caesar said something that she could not hear over the music. Leaning over the table, she aimed both of her long ears towards Caesar.


“I said,” Caesar shouted, “have you seen them yet?”

Yoshi shook her head, causing her long ears to wave through the smoke, the effect putting a smile on Caesar’s face, his long front teeth showing prominently for a second before his work face returned.

A dead space between songs caused the various animals on the dance floor to stop dancing. Most of them unsure what to do stayed on the floor, but a few headed to the bar. Focused on the rest of the bar Yoshi, missed their mark exiting the dance floor, but Caesar did not.

“What the hell Caesar!” Yoshi exclaimed when Caesar stood up knocking her drink over on the table.

Turning to her, he pointed to their target exiting the dance floor. Yoshi strained to see where he pointed, spotting their target when he shouldered several ewes aside. The music picked up, the bar resumed the normal flow.

“Put your work face on,” Yoshi said as she stalked down to the bar.

Caesar, knowing Yoshi’s plan, circled around towards the most obvious exit, his long ears flat against his head. Sliding through the crowd returning to the dance floor Yoshi kept her eyes on her target, the canine making an ass out of himself, at the bar. Without disturbing the flow of the bar she moved behind him, she spotted Caesar near the door ready to go. Yoshi tapped her target on his shoulder with her paw.

As expected, the wolf turned around and looked over her, some of his drink splashing her. With a growl, he looked down, Yoshi was positive she heard his irritated growl over the music. The ewes grabbed their umbrella drinks and moved away from the impending confrontation.

“What do you want hopper?” Steel Eyes growled at her, inflecting on the hopper insult.

“Just checking that you are Steel Eyes,” she said loud enough for him to hear over the music.

“Hop along rabbit, I’m having a good night and you don’t…”

Hopping off the floor, Yoshi jabbed her concealed stun stick into Steel Eyes gut ending his sentence with a howl that caused everyone in the bar to stop. Holding onto the back of his head, Yoshi rode Steel Eyes to the floor. Caesar pushed his way through the crowd pulling out cuffs as he approached.

“What happened?” he asked slapping the cuffs onto Steel Eyes.

“He insulted me.”

“Let me guess, hopper?”


A quick flash of their bounty hunter licenses ended any conversations with the bouncers and bar owner about the violence. A quick trip to the local police station to drop off Steel Eyes filled their bank accounts.

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