Menagerie: Negotiations



“Bov space?” Caesar asked incredulously. “Are you serious?”

“I am,” Yoshi replied deadpan. “Just look at all of these bounties.”

In the cockpit of their shared gunrunner Lucky Foot, Yoshi displayed all of the available bounties filling the cockpit with holoimages of wanted criminals and their data. Walking around the cockpit she pointed to a few.

“This one here, this Hardnose, is wanted for flight,” pointing at another, “and that one uh, Goldcap is wanted to robbery,” pointing to another, “this one in front of you, The Twins, wanted for robbery and flight. See lots of bounties and not one of them dangerous. We could make a killing.”

Caesar stared at Yoshi for a moment before standing up, “Okay. You have a point, we could make a killing. But,” holding up a furry digit to stall Yoshi’s inevitable response, “it’s Bov Space which means boring, dull, slow, dim witted, bureaucratic mess, and it stinks.”

“Not all of Bov Space smells,” Yoshi retorted with a huge smile her two front teeth shinning.

Both of Caesar’s tall ears folded down, his left foot pounding on the deck, staring her down, with a stab of his paw he brought up a set of new bounties. The light blue and orange-bordered bounties instantly replaced with red-bordered bounties.

“This is why you want to go isn’t it?”

Yoshi’s smile wiped off her face and replaced with grim determination, large eyes narrowed, ears leaning back, and no nose twitch at all, Ceasar knew he’d hit the mark.

“Possibly,” she replied coyly.

“Don’t hand me that.”

Yoshi stared at the red-bordered, dangerous, bounties for a second before responding.



“I’m tired of running down canines. Low risk means low profit. I want to take a chance to earn some big money. Don’t you want more?”

Caesar’s foot paused, his right ear straightened, and he sat down.

“I do,” holding up the same digit that stalled Yoshi’s earlier response, “but, I don’t see the need to go chasing these type of bounties.” Flipping a bounty around to face Yoshi, “This lady is wanted for multiple murders. Sure her bounty is large, but have you wondered why no other bounty hunters have caught her yet? Cuz I am.”

Sitting down across from Caesar, Yoshi sent the bounty spinning in place, “I have and I don’t want to go after the likes of her, yet.” Yoshi pulled three bounties together and tossed them over to Caesar’s side, “These three I have looked at. A crew of raiders. They are violent, but mostly they hit unarmed ships and make off with the loot. I think. No. I know we could catch them.”

Caesar spent a few minutes reading each bounty while typing inquiries into the system. With a satisfied grunt, he tossed the bounties back to Yoshi, as they spun around to face her she saw their Lucky Foot emblem stamped on each one.

“Before you get too excited,” he started, “I agree to do these three. If this goes off like you think then we can discuss more. If this goes off like I fear, we can stick in smelly Bov Space collecting all of the other bounties. Deal?”

Unable to contain her excitement Yoshi beamed a smile across the table, “Deal. Now let’s get started.”


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