Menagerie: Bov Space


Bov Space

“Three,” Yoshi counted down excitedly.



“And pop!”

“Don’t say that,” Caesar complained, face turning a unique shade of green.

Transition to real-space was always a bit jarring for most animals; Caesar unfortunately was part of a small sub-set of animals who found transition extremely jarring. Yoshi found his reaction amusing. Bolting out of his cockpit seat, Caesar hopped to the back of the ship holding both his paws over his mouth. Yoshi could hear him retching over the sounds of the real-space engines engaging pushing Lucky Foot towards the bov station in the distance.

Caesar hopped back to his seat, less green, “I hate that.”

“Nothing you can do about it.”

“Doesn’t change that I hate it and you and your and pop, doesn’t help,” he said shooting daggers at me.

With a big smile, all front teeth, “I’m sorry Caese. I won’t do it again.”

“Choke on a carrot,” he retort with a laugh, “yes, you will.”

“I know. Send our information to the station please.”

“Information sent. Waiting for confirmation and docking information.”

Each of the larger Confederations developed a look or style to their stations, Bov stations always reminded Yoshi of old images of cattle milking operations, row after row of stalls designed for the maximum number of cattle at one time without any personality at all. Zooming, Yoshi counted ten ships from small guncutters like theirs to larger cargo haulers in a row with a few empty bays here and there in front of the barn shaped station.

“They are slow responding,” Caesar commented. “Probably typical Bov redtape.”

“Any info on the station?”

Caesar entered a request and waited for the information to scroll across his holo-screen before responding, “Three Bar Station Number Two, twenty docking stations, reasonably good reviews from various ships, a constables station, a couple of restaurants, and three bars stand out.”

“Sounds,” pausing for a moment, “normal.”

“Just smelly.”

“Caesar, really.”

“Look, right here on this review, entire station smells.”

Yoshi shook her head, her ears flopping about.

“Lucky Foot, Three Bar Station Control.”

“This is the Lucky Foot,” Yoshi responded.

“Data confirmed. Dock bay 19.”

“Thank you Three Bar Station Control.”

As soon as the docking clamps engaged, flashing green lights across the docking control panel, Yoshi and Caesar hopped out of their ship into Three Bar Station Central Dock. Caesar wrinkled his nose immediately, but did not say anything, instead looking around the dock noting the age and condition of the machinery; most meet his approval. Yoshi, straightened her jacket, and headed for Three Bar Station proper taking note of the various animals along the way, as she expected lots of herbs; bovs, ewes, and the like.

The transition from the constant mechanical noises of Central Dock to the quieter Station was surprising. Once the sliding door closed the only noises were animal, a quiet song playing over the station com-system, and noises associated with lots of animals packed into a small space. Caesar was not surprised at the rustic design, a general impression of a barn and open fields created by wooden fixtures and a holo-environment display on the outer walls.

“Not what I expected at all,” Yoshi commented as she stood at a crossroads attempting to determine which direction to go.


“Yeah. Based on what you’ve been saying I expected piles of hay, troughs, and the whole place to reek.”

Nudging her, Caesar pointed, “There is a trough.”

“Come on,” she with a laugh said taking a right turn, “let’s find us some work.”


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