Menagerie, Sheriff Justice


Sheriff Justice

“Are you sure?” Sheriff Justice asked in a slow drawl drawing out each word to ridiculous lengths.

Caesar took a sip from his iced juice drink, watching Yoshi’s reaction. The furrow between her eyes deepened, she stopped drumming her right foot against the ground, her paws clenched and unclenched, she’s going to blow he thought.

Standing up, Yoshi walked to the back of Sheriff Justice’s cramped office, making a show of looking at all of the holo-wanted posters. Stopping in front of a cluster of red-bordered wanted posters the images leaning forward to her challenging her.

“You seem to have a problem around here,” she said to the wall.

“No more than any other jurisdiction,” he replied.

Turning, while gesturing over her shoulder at the wall of wanted posters, “I beg to differ. We’ve been around and this is the most unclaimed bounties we have ever seen in one place. I think you need some..,” she put a paw to her chin before finishing, “assistance. So yes, I am sure.”

Caesar watched Sheriff Justices’ chest inflate in pace with his anger, heard the snort, watched his tail slash through the air, and immediately after he put his hooves on his desk to make a show of standing up, interrupted.

“Here are our credentials,” he said sliding the ident-tablet in front of Sheriff Justice.

As expected, the action of sliding the ident-tablet across his desk caused him to pause and look down, distracting him.

“As you can see,” Caesar continued, “we have claimed many bounties, are rates are reasonable, and we are more than ready to start working here, once you give your approval.”

Yoshi, sat down, took a sip from her ice juice drink, and winked at Caesar. Picking up their ident-tablet Sheriff Justice flipped through their credentials and records. Leaning against the wall, he looked over the tablet at them, his nostrils flaring.

“Says here,” waving the tablet, “you two have never tackled a red-border before.”

“That is true, but that is only because where we came from competition was fierce, red-borders went to more experienced crews,” Yoshi replied.

“You do have a lot of high marks,” Justice said thoughtfully.

“We aim to please,” Caesar said with pride.

Sheriff Justice walked around his desk, handing the tablet to Caesar as he walked past. Standing next to his wanted wall, he put one hoof to his chin, his tail moving in a lazy pattern; he looked over the wall for a minute.

Pointing at a scav wanted poster, “I’ll approve your credentials.”

“Great,” Yoshi exclaimed.



“…you show me you work. You’ll get paid if you bring in this bounty,” he finished. “Right now he and his crew are at Sisters. You bring them in and you’ll get all of the work you two can handle.”

Caesar pulled the wanted information to his tablet, reading while the Sheriff talked. Hook Beak and his crew were wanted for illegal salvage, disabling ships and holding the ship until the crew turned over their cargo, not known for violence, the armed and dangerous warning was prominent at the bottom. Caesar handed Yoshi the tablet.

“We bring in Hook Beak and his crew and you’ll approve our credentials?” Yoshi asked.


“Great, point us to Sisters.”

Standing next to his front door, Sheriff Justice pointed across the street, “Look for the lights, laughter, and trouble,” he said with a laugh.

“Let’s go Caesar. We got work to do,” Yoshi said eyeing the sheriff on her way past.

“See you in a few,” Caesar said with a smile, checking his weapons as he followed Yoshi out of his office.


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