10-Yards of Closed Captioned Bookends

My apologies for the tardiness, I do endeavor to have a post by noon each day. Unfortunately, an injury to my shoulder kept me up all night and I finally fell asleep early this morning. Then comes life. I try hard to get my work finished before I do other stuff, today was a reverse.

How many of you know what a bookend is?

Please someone raise your hand.

Oh, thank you.

A bookend, for those who do not know, is a device, as simple as an L-shape with the singular purpose of keeping standing books in place. A bookend, as the name implies, is placed at the end of a row of books, both ends if necessary. Bookends come in many shapes and designs, I have a pair of Budhas. I only wanted some simple L-shapes.

Do you want to guess how many places I had to go and how many people I had to ask before I found bookends?

If you guessed two you were two short, on both ends of the equation. I have no clue why bookends are not an item in big box stores. I have even less of a clue why when asked, “Do you know where I can find bookends (or “Where are bookends located?”)?” The response was a confused look, the question “What is a bookend?” or my favorite, a confused look followed by “I think over in (insert section of store where there are no books, furniture, or office supplies).”

Ugh, this is a college town. You know books in college or at least the idea of books go hand in hand with education. Oh well, at least I found bookends, at an office supply store, and I, unlike four other individuals, know what a bookend is.

Next up on the romp through my day, I understand the purpose of closed captioning, to provide text for those who cannot hear or have are hard of hearing. I understand the value of words. Thus, as a writer, I really appreciate closed captioning. That being said…

the scene, mind you this was on a TV at a KFC/Long John Silvers, two semi-naked people in bed staring longingly into each other’s eyes, on screen the following…

“I love you,” says woman.

“I will never let you go,” says man.


What? “Mmmm” is a pleasure sound. The question mark, changes the tone, if you have heard a Mmmm in pleasure it sounds a lot different than Mmmm? Deaf people may not know the tonal difference, but they too had to wonder about the questioning nature of her pleasure sound to what the male said.

Lastly, do you know what 10 yards of gravel looks like? I didn’t until today and now, once you look at the photo you will too. The children are for scale sake, because without the children it just looks like a pile of dirt. 🙂



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