Getting Into The Swing With A Sling

Arm in a sling I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. Writing or typing for long periods will have to wait, as is the ability to use a seatbelt buckle. Hopefully no longer than the end of the week. We shall see.

Since I cannot type to long, I present to you another erotica rough draft…perhaps this will get me to finish it…when my arm works. 🙂

She shivered in the cage, naked except for a wide black leather collar. She heard his heavy footsteps on the stairs. He was coming for her. She shivered with anticipation, the cold no longer a concern. He was in the room with her, she could not see him in the dark, but she knew from the sound of his footsteps he was approaching her cage. The cage door opening caused her to jump.

“Come here, pet,” in his deep bass voice.

On her hands and knees, she shuffled to the opening of the cage. His large hand grasped the back of her neck holding her in place. A click and a tug, her leash was in place. She moved on all fours following the leash. To slow and she would be punished. Too fast and she would be punished. The cement floor was cold and rough on her hands and knees.

The leash went slack. She stopped. No lights, she had to guess what he was doing and where he was. The crack of the nine-tails happened seconds before the lashes struck her back. She cried out and immediately regretted her outburst. The nine-tails struck her between the shoulder blades, the pain caused her to wince, and her head dropped. The nine-tails struck across her ass. The pain was intense, but arousing.

“Head to the floor,” his voice boomed from the dark, “ass in the air. Display yourself.”

She placed her head against the concrete. Her ass went higher as she spread her legs. What could he possibly see in the dark she wondered? The nine-tail struck the right cheek of her ass; one of the tails struck her exposed anus. She tried to muffle the pain, but failed. The nine-tails struck her left ass cheek and then her right. He alternated strikes three times. With each swing of the nine-tails, she could feel the cool breeze on her pussy she was wet. Her ass was sore, her anus even worse. She had managed to stay quiet. The pain was arousing to her.

His muscular legs pushed her legs apart as he knelt between her legs. The leash pulled tight, pulling her head off the floor. His engorged cock slid into her. He was big and the position made him seem larger. Without preamble, he began to drive himself into and out of her pussy. He pulled almost all of the way out, before slamming into her, hard enough to cause her arms to buckle, but the leash kept her upright; choking her into maintaining the position.

He leaned into her, driving his cock deep, the leash choked her as his weight pushed her to the ground. His left hand roughly grabbed her breast. Clutching and grabbing onto the flesh. Then his fingers pinched around the nipple. The pain from her nipple radiated throughout her body as he continued ramming into her. She was surprised how aroused she was, she could hear how wet she was as he pulled out and drove in with a slick sound ending in their flesh smacking together.

Light headed from the collar, he did not seem to be concerned, driving himself as deep as he could into her. His fucking had driven her head to the concrete, her arms laying at her side. Her ass was in the air because of the leash and because he would pull her hips up every few thrusts.


Pain flared across her chest, snapping her to consciousness. Eyes wide, she could not see anything in the dark, but she knew that she was on her back on one of the tables in the room. Her legs locked up in the air and wide apart. Her arms cuffed to the table.

“You failed me,” the booming voice from the dark.

Another blow across both of her breasts. Then another. Her breasts ached, her ass and pussy were sore. He felt his large fingers against her pussy; they slid inside without any resistance. She was wet and wanted more.



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