Don’t Judge Me Before I Judge You, That’s Just Rude And Other Stories Of My Day

Not to bring bad luck, if the current rate of healing continues, I should return to writing stories instead of slices of life, next week. Crossing my fingers. Sensing (in other words I bitched a lot) that I was tired of being sick and tired of being sick at home, I was taken out.

No, not taken out. You know taken out in public.

Around here it was a mixed signal day of weather; blue skies, white fluffy clouds, and kind of chilly especially when the wind blew or overcast, looks like rain, still chilly when the wind blew, but with no wind kind of warm.

Dressed for the weather and success, pocket vest festooned with sarcastic buttons, we headed for civilization, which if you pay any amount of attention to the blog you know is always an hour away. And an hour away we went to…


Say what you want about THE MALL, I happen to enjoy looking for parking in a frustrating and futile manner, I enjoy rubbing shoulders with hoi poli, and I really enjoy that the only reason we actually went to THE MALL are on opposite sides and you know what that means…you guessed it, EXERCISE!

Walking into Barnes and Noble, I felt at home surrounded by books and clearance items and games and junk and…does anyone know when Barnes and Noble attempted to turn into a big box store with all of the organization and charm of a flea market? Cuz I want to know. Still books is what I wanted and books is where I started…

“We do have books for adults over here,” the saleslady said, each word dripping with condemnation that I and adult would be standing in front of a selection of young adult books. As if, adults who read young adult books had something wrong with them.

Rounding on her, “I have two children.”

Wide eyed, she took a step back and mumbled something about asking her for help.

And then it happened a second time on the second floor.

What the hell people! I was shopping for my kids who were not there and even if I was shopping for myself what is the attitude that I as an adult should not be seen looking at those books?

I did not let their ignorance ruin my day, I found Fight Club 2 and vowed to touch myself a lot while reading it. Suffice to say, I was NOT bothered by another salesperson until we checked out and bothering me was her job. 🙂

As Barb shopped for shoes she could stand in for 12 hours at a time, I and a friend headed to Hot Topic for more sarcastic buttons. There I engaged in a lively debate with the saleswoman about the definition of criminal: If I do not observe your laws I do not see myself as a criminal. You, as a person who does observe your laws, will understandably think of me as a criminal and label me a criminal. I however, do not see myself as a criminal and reject your label. Which is we found ourselves back in the shoe store right as the salesperson demonstrated the water repelling power of the water repellent spray (see smile photo).

With new shoes we headed off to lunch where…

“Welcome to Ju.* What can I do for you?” The hostess asked starring hard at the three of us, none of whom was dressed even remotely professionally.

Took me a minute of pondering her question to form a response.


“Oh?” Now in her defense while say Oh in a shocked and disappointed manner she did attempt to grab menus (she dropped one).

I dislike when people judge based on my (in this case) our appearance. She found a corner to shove us into and I think she thought we would get lost. We did not. Why did we not get lost? Not because of me, but because of the best waiter EVER! Hearing our bafflement he took care of us and got a hefty overtip.

Then we came home.

And that is the story of how I learned to play the piano.

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