Games We Play: Dysentery On The Trail To Mt. SkullzFyre

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. Around here Free Comic Book and Free RPG Days are hit or miss, mostly miss. After this year, I am hoping things are starting to change. We found five different locations participating in Free Comic Book Day. There was a thought to spend the day hitting the various locations; in the end sanity won out and we picked the nearest store, Excelsior Games and Comics.

Up here game stores and comic stores are a mixed bag, most of them are operated by fans. Fans tend to make bad business owners. A store is a business and should be run as such. Fans run dream shops, their own dreams. This is one of the biggest reasons why it took us five years to find the few stores we visit frequently. Now we can add two more shops, Game On was a pleasant surprise and yesterday’s Excelsior a welcome surprise; both stores are well stocked with a variety of games and comics.

After a day visiting a new store, picking out a bunch of freebies, and making a nice purchase (yes, we made a purchase in addition to taking some of the free stuff, if you ever attend a Free Day, buy something from the store, while the stuff is free to you, it cost the store plenty.) of comics and games we returned home to make food and play a bunch of small games.

First up, Here Kitty Kitty. There are too many kitties in the neighborhood and the problem is you don’t have them all. The goal of Here Kitty Kitty is to have the most points in cats at the end of the game. Between the cute cat miniatures, cards with clever names, abilities, and art Here Kitty Kitty has a lot to offer in a small box. Each player has a house with a yard, porch, and house. In the middle of the table, all of the cats. Each turn players may perform up to two actions. On a turn a player may move a cat from the neighborhood to the yard, yard to porch, or porch to house or a player may play a card from their hand or discard cards. Play alternates until the last card is drawn. Here Kitty Kitty is fast and fun to play.

Get Bit followed. I haven’t enjoyed playing Get Bit due to the children as my competition. They have patterns that I know well, thus beating them is easy. This time two adults along with the kids made Get Bit a lot of fun and introduced some much needed tension.

After several rounds of Get Bit we pulled out Oregon Trail. I died of dysentery. That is all…oh yeah, immediately after my death another player went out to a snake bit and the rest is history.

Dusting ourselves off we put on our battle wizard garb to battle one another in Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards Duel At Mt. Skullzfyre. If you watch Tabletop you may have seen the episode where Wil Wheaton and friends play the game. They were not able to complete a full game where one player wins two duels, but had a blast playing. Those of us who watched that episode expected an equally long game.

SURPRISE! Lucky draws or whathaveyou, our first game went by blistering quick, under a half hour. Hell, I was down to 3 hit points after the first turn and only managed to make it to turn 3 because I was able to act first in turn 2.

Hopefully you watched the video and learned more about the game than I could write about. My take on the game, at this moment we are in the middle of a game, is that as long as people are ontop of things it plays faster than in the video and with the addition of some funny voices is a blast to play. Even a dead battle wizard takes part.


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