1,625th Pony Party Post Extravaganza!

Welcome to the 1,625th post. A lot of time has passed since the last Extravaganza, close to two years. A lot has changed both here on the blog and in the real world, not that there is much difference…well…no I will stick with that for now.

So what has changed?

A whole lot less college. Seriously a whole lot less college. In fact for me to write about college I would have to write about student loans (a ball suck of a topic if you ask me) or the stories of people who are still in college or work for the college…neither of which would be nearly as interesting as Puddles and Whiskers talking over a bowl of noodles ant NiHo’s.

A whole lot less bitching about living on a college campus, because we no longer live on campus. 🙂

Lots more games. Free from the intrusive nature of college, we resumed gaming. Slowly at first and with every passing weekend we pick up more speed playing games and resuming the lives of tabletop gamers. Now if we could find more like minded people…

More stories. Lots more stories. I would love to say that I will finish them all, but you and I know that isn’t the truth, some stories just stop and others go on. At least that is my experience. I have a feeling that the primary reason for this is decades of running roleplaying games where due to a variety of reasons games run to their completion (story finished) or games cease (story unfinished).

Pony Party

I have no clue and even less desire to search through the blog to find the first Pony Music Video. I can say that at some point I stumbled across the marriage of music and anime or AMV’s. Then because of my children, at first, I found the marriage of music and My Little Pony. I have no problem saying I enjoy My Little Pony. I have watched the show with my kids and on my own. I have read several graphic novels (I prefer to read collections of comics). And, I have a small collection of My Little Pony statues or Fun Collectables dotting my bookshelves. Oh, yeah and the roleplaying game.  Back when Extravaganza’s were a regular thing so was sharing one or more AMV or PMVs I found.

With this the 1625th Pony Party Post Extravaganza I bring to you a couple new PMVs. I don’t share just any PMVs. I spend some time watching PMVs for a few things, such as editing, amount of work put in, does the images go with the song, and some other intrinsic qualities that make one PMV stick out over another. Such as this one…

I found this one on accident. Hell, I don’t know the song at all, but the combination of song and video worked for me.

Non-Pony Party Post Extravaganza

Like I said way up there, a lot of has changed around here and on here and knowing me a lot more will continue to change…I have been told I am frustrating when it comes to things like this, not that I have a clue what this they are or were talking about at the time and somewhere, not so long ago, I wrote about how plans and I do not go along well, to quote someone about something that may or may not have had anything to do with me, “We are more of a fly by the seat of our pants operation.”

And that is how we, meaning you and I the reader, find ourselves here, watching one last video, not a PMV, but an AMV because our girl loves the song and the video is pretty damn cool.

Last Words Of This Extravaganza

Thank you to readers who have been here since day one when this was the companion blog to Speaking Out on NateSexCollegeandahalfdozenotherchanges (long story written down somewhere I swear) and to all the new readers who stop on by for a story or a story of a game. Hopefully, everyone continues to visit and enjoy the ride.


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