Freedom and Commando

Pardon the interruption. I know you were expecting Puddles and Whiskers and so was I, however I woke up at 5 am with a dream/story demanding to be written. Warning, this is rough and odd, yet I think there may be something there to explore later. Here is a detail or two not obvious, Commando is invisible-always-and there is a third character missing, a dwarf or baby (remember it was a dream) wearing a shirt “I went to Cabo and all I got was this T-shirt” carrying a large shotgun or a grenade launcher…oh yeah and this took place in the future. Dreams.


Freedom watched five troopers on patrol through her scope, playing the crosshairs over each one, setting up the perfect shot before moving onto the next one. She let the crosshair linger over a commander, picturing the shot in her mind when she felt a familiar pair of hands wrap around her waist and pop her quick-release belt.

“Not now Commando I’m working.”

“And I know your work excites you,” he said huskily into her ear as her fatigues dropped to her knees. “Oh you dirty girl, your commando too.”

Freedom adjusted her stance, legs apart a bit more allowing Commando access between her legs. His warm hands gliding up and down her legs before diving between them.

“Green light,” their commander announced through their earbuds.

Commando slide a thick finger between her wet lips playing with her clit. She squeezed the trigger and watched a trooper’s head explode into a fine mist just as Commando slide two fingers inside her. Freedom let out a sigh of pleasure.

None of the troopers reacted, yet. The crosshair caressed another trooper’s head, Commando thrust hard with his fingers; she squeezed the trigger a second time, moaning aloud as the trooper’s head disintegrated.

Two of the troopers dove for cover behind a wall. With a flip of a switch, she watched them crouch behind the wall, no hiding today. Commando stroked her engorged clit while pushing against her; she felt his cock against her ass before he pushed down. As his cock slid into her, she squeezed the trigger; a puff against the wall, behind the wall a trooper slid down, headless. Commando second thrust, deeper, harder, Freedom caressed the trigger a fourth time, moaning in pleasure while she watched the fourth trooper fall over.

Commando grabbed her hips, pulling her back onto him with each thrust. She was lost in pleasure, not seeing as much as knowing. The final trooper ran; smart, until he too dropped headless. Freedom moaning with pleasure, gripping Commando’s cock with her pussy, milking as much pleasure as she could from him. Loving his hands on her hips, him pounding her from behind.

The commander got to his vehicle, he must have thought he was safe, Freedom loved the “I survived” look on targets faces. Another flip of a switch. Another hard thrust. Another moan. A final shot. The commander’s headless body slumped into the steering wheel. Freedom came hard, her pussy clutching Commando’s cock several times rapidly. She pushed back with a hand; he slid out of her.

“I got mine,” she said with a wink.

She pulled her fatigues up, buckled them, and started for the door.



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