On A Map We Are Here

Well hello there,

Think of this as an update and coming attractions post. Which if neither of those things interest you then you may want to come back tomorrow, me I like those kinds of things, especially movie trailers and when companies let people in on their potential…I was about to use the p-word, but I didn’t.


My arm injury is now on the mend, I say this with enough confidence that if things backslide it is because I was an idiot and reinjured the arm. As of today, I can write for longer than a few minutes at a time, cook more than a single part of a dish, clean more than lifting up a tissue, and paint for longer than three brushstrokes.

Coming Attractions

Okay this is less of a coming attractions and more of me keeping you up to date. I like feeling like I have an inside track, this is your inside track.

Starting next weekend for two weeks, there will be a shift in the blog. I won’t say why or what, because you will see. I feel a warning is due because some people really do come here just to read the weekend posts.

Puddles and Whiskers after one or two more posts is going back to wash and drybrush or W&DB AKA editing. The last editing pass was on roughly 20 pages of text, 40 pages have gone by and I want to keep everything edited and make sure the story hasn’t gone off track…too much.

Menagerie will be making a come back. Puddles and Whiskers took over and I am fine with that, but as they enter editing Menagerie will take over as the new weekly serial story for a while. I’m not sure where the story will pick up or if there will be a story as Menagerie really does seem to be a menagerie of stories.

Nail Clippers…seems to have disappeared into the background of this writer’s mind. Stories do that. If they come back, you will be the second to know; always think your are the second person to read a post, makes you feel better to know you read it right after the author. 🙂

Worldship Horizon has gone off to where stories go. I am sure that it will return in one form or another.

Freedom and Commando keeps bumping into my present, I envision you will be seeing or not seeing more of them soon.

Which brings me around to erotica, there will be more, now I can’t say what form the erotica will appear, after all Nail Clippers and Freedom and Commando were odd forms, but I have been working and reading some different erotica to break that mold of “they did this and then that happened cue orgasm”

And finally food. I used to write a lot about food. I don’t know what happened, but food keeps taking a descending position of importance in writing to me. I still cook, and I still read about cooks and cooking, but my interest in writing about cooking has waned. Maybe one day it will return.

So there you have it an update (yay arm) and a warning of sort and some coming attractions.


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