And Now A Word About Dinosaurs

I do not control some of my minor urges, most noteably the “OOOHH look at that toy in the vending machine” urge. A few days ago walking into Meijers I saw a dinosaur skeleton puzzle with, if the display was to be believed, skin to go around the skeleton. I had not, up to that exact moment, thought a fucking thing about dinosaurs after all Jurassic Park mind fucked all of my boyhood joy of dinosaurs long ago and watching Jurassic Nonsense with my boy only reinforced that media was not to be trusted with dinosaurs and because of that, right up until that exact moment I had not thought about dinosaurs. Godzilla and other non-dinosaur giant lizards got plenty of thought just as an aside.


It’s a dimetrodon

So back to the toy. I had to have one. Thankfully Barb, saw a cat sticker in the machine next to the dinosaur wonder toy machine that she had to have. At times we can be worse than kids who are essentially lit adults thus we are large children, at times, and this was one of those times. A short shopping trip and a fist full of quarters later, Barb had five stickers (fuckin’ machine wouldn’t spit out the damn cat until it finished spitting out a unicorn, flower, rainbow, and heart) and I had a tiny four-piece puzzle of a…well I thought it was a dimetrodon, but after reading the fortune cookie sized information sheet learned it was a spinosaurs…or so the sheet said…

This is a spinosaurs, this is NOT the toy I got. I got a dimetrodon

What the sheet really did with stats like 12.19 m body length was trigger that boy inside of me who used to love dinosaurs. I had to have a dinosaur book. Plus I have kids and they too should see that dinosaurs are lizards always gray, brown, or green in color (more on that in a moment). Quest to find a dinosaur book took two stores, one very quizical clerk, and the same question asked and answered twice, “A book for kids or (insert pause) an adult?” The answer, “Whatever I find most amusing.”

Twenty happy minutes later I left with an encyclopedia of dinosaurs, a dinosaurs in 3D with an extra pair of glasses to share with a friend, and a build your own dinosaurs out of paper no glue required book.

Remember the lizards, gray, brown, or green in color comment from above? If not, I wrote it. I wrote it because when I was a kid dinosaur books were all the same and all dinosaurs were the same. They lived in the same time period because publishers had not figured out a child friendly way to explain time periods. They were one of three colors and that was that.

Have you looked at a dinosaur book today? There are colors, easy to read charts that explain why the stegosaurs was NOT eaten by a T-rex and feathers. Glorious colored feathers and did I mention the dinosaurs are in colors, not one color but many with designs and patterns looking like lizards and snakes do in our world. I haven’t read anything yet, but I hope I am surprised by the advances in paleontology and I have been with the advances in coloring dinosaurs. 🙂


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