Heed The Advice Of Elevator Anthrax

It’s going to be CRAZY!

-Super Excited Anthrax Homage Con Attendee

No, we did not meet Anthrax, but we did bump into a man with pizza in an elevator who I hope was attempting an homage to Anthrax with his most awesome facial hair and enthusiasm.

He was not talking about Day 1, Friday. He was talking about Day 2, Saturday. And his advice which was poo-poo’d by two of the three adults turned out to be sage advice which is why I always say…ALWAYS…“If a member of Anthrax or a person with high enthusiasm AND doing an Anthrax homage gives you advice, consider it.” Or something like that.

Before I get to involved writing about our GRAND adventure, some lessons learned:

Get there early. Spending time in line in exchange for a great parking spot well worth it. Friday we arrived at open and parked in the Himalaya’s. Saturday and Sunday, following Elevator Anthrax’s advice we arrived a half-hour early. We parked outside the front door, relatively speaking. Why park close, because you will have loads of stuff that you do not want to carry around.

Bring bags to carry stuff that you will want to dump off into your vehicle

Purchase, if you don’t have one, a poster carry tube…tube with cap and straps to stored rolled posters because not everyone will put your purchase in containers

Bring a water bottle and snacks…concession stands while nice see were stoopidly expensive, looking at you $4 hot dog

Wear your best footwear. Think comfort, not style (unless part of a costume), and protection as feet will get stepped on a lot

Pack plenty of patience. We did not meet or bump into any rude or mean people, the opposite. However, there are so many people that the simple act of looking at anything other than something hanging from the ceiling can get frustrating, especially for the kids

Unlike smaller cons where deals get better on the last day, not so much at Motor City Con

Walk the venue before shopping…or try…we made it 10 feet past the door before the first of many vendors who had stuff we “had” to have…any way, attempt to walk the venue before shopping to see who has what and who is offering the best deals

Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the crowd and vendors

Take photos or try to, between the three adults we have less than 100 pictures, there was so much to take pictures of and yet, so many people that taking pictures was problematic

Have a plan to meet up in case of separation or separate shopping. Do not count on being able to text: Friday, wifi good, Saturday and Sunday, wifi extremely slow (5 minutes to send a text at one point)

People watch, not just the people in costume

Have a “plan” for what you are looking for, there were so many things that someone in our group “just had to have” that if we had gone without a plan it would have been financially bad

Bring more than $40 (that’s only 10 hot dogs) and no matter what you see, if you have a budget, stick to it because overspending is way to easy

Celebrity row was a clusterfuck of epic proportions and expensive. Don’t get me wrong seeing Wil Wheaton’s head over the crowd was cool and seeing LeVar Burton’s head on someone’s cellphone as I walked past was interesting in a live-feed meta way, but the sheer number of people packed into one corner was not cool at all

Enjoy yourself

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