Wil Wheaton And A High Five

How can I put this?

We went to Motor City Comic Con because we as a family enjoy comic cons and game cons. Barb went to Motor City Comic Con to meet Wil Wheaton. Going to the con was an idea that quickly turned into a must do family vacation when she learned that Wil Wheaton would be attending and she could get an autograph, meet him…or a photo with him.

As con approached we learned more about the photo-op, such as the kids could be in the photo. With that in mind I asked if they would say, “Thank you for Tabletop” to him. Why? Because Tabletop is responsible for the children taking an active interest in the games that they play, being better gamers, having fun playing games, and a whole host of other good reasons why a simple thank you made sense. Plus, if nothing else if they got star struck they would be able to form one sentence.

The kids were as excited as Barb to meet Wil Wheaton. I was happy with seeing his head over the crowd. I like him, but I do not take good photos, thus I declined the photo. Meet him some other situation, not in an autograph line0to busy, crowded, and hectic for me, for sure.

At the prescribed time, we got Barb and the kids to the photo-op and went and shopped.

They found us, beaming with smiles and carrying their photo, much later. Keep in mind I was not there so this story is second hand, details may lack: after standing in line, reading the sign (see above pic) for what seemed like forever, they got in where…

  • both children thanked Wil Wheaton
  • who engaged with both of them, including asking to hear our girl’s Spellwarz voice
  • our boy, as I told, did what he always does and talks…a lot

the result…

That is our new family photo on the mantle…oh sorry on the shelf, I looked up mantle and we don’t have one, my bad. They, meaning all three of them, gushed about Wil Wheaton for the rest of the day, the next day, and…well they haven’t stopped. An awesome memory indeed.

Meanwhile, tired and ready to leave, I headed towards the exit. One of the parts of smaller cons I enjoy is meeting, talking to, and engaging with vendors, especially smaller vendors with unique items. Motor City Comic Con was not one of those cons. So many people packed into the venue, as I described previously, finding room to turn, breathe, or sit was problematic. I have to be honest, I was bummed that I had not had one of those moments like with Alderink.

And then…a very tall and enthusiastic man, Ben Goldsmith, got our attention, called us over to his section of the Source Point Press booth where he began to, with much enthusiasm tell us about his comic book Séance. I say his because at that moment his partner was missing; a very funny moment when he went to introduce us to the artist, Keyla K. Valero, “And…she is missing.” His passion impressed me as did the artwork, I bought a copy that he signed, we talked for a while about a lot of things such as the similarity weather wise between Michigan and Boston, before leaving. I had my moment.

That night in the hotel room, I read Séance. The premise is that people enter a house and encounter one of six aspects (see my crappy photo) and experience a revelation, comeuppance, or otherwise have their wrongs attended to. Not in a violent over the top way, but in a smart way. I was impressed where they could have gone all Hellraiser they went more thoughtful. And true to his word, I enjoyed the story and art.

So much so that I went back the last day of the con to tell them, pick up another copy signed by both of them…except they weren’t there. Sad monkey.


On our way out the door to go home, dead tired, hungry, and glad to have had the experience we walked path the booth. He was talking to another couple when I walked up, he greeted me by name, we high-fived, and then I told him and Keyla how much I loved the first book. The couple bought a copy right there. All of us talked for a bit before getting another copy, this time signed by both, feeling damn good, and promising to keep an eye out for them at cons.

That was my feel good moment.




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