Games We Play: Moral of the Story, Research

I do not enjoy buying games that require other purchases to use. I try my best to research games before buying them. I suggest everyone takes the time to research a game before purchasing, as games are expensive…often times more expensive than necessary or in relation to the value of the game’s pieces. There are many places posting reviews, unboxing (essentially someone unpacks a game and tells you about it, good for seeing what is in a box), and game play. That being said, from time to time, I fail to do my research or I miss an important fact while researching.

I had researched Warhammer Quest Silver Tower plenty. There is a lot to like about this game especially when you have fond memories of the original game. The biggest hurdle for us, price. Warhammer Quest Silver Tower is a Games Workshop which means, excellent quality, good rules, great art and miniatures, and good paper components. This also means high price. The value for the price is almost always good.

While we were at Motor City Comic Con there was a game vendor who had excellent prices. Seriously, excellent prices. He beat Amazon on everything, which is how we ended up with Silver Tower and Shadows Over Hammerhal, an expansion or separated game depending upon who is talking. I personally feel that Shadows Over Hammerhal is both, you can purchase Shadows Over Hammerhal and have a complete game and/or you can purchase Shadows Over Hammerhal and have new pieces to use.

So here is where the research fell apart, there are two miniature expansions, Arcane and Mighty Heroes. Each consists of 4 or 5 new heroes to use in your game. Now you would think that new miniatures would mean includes all necessary information to play. In other words, you purchase the miniatures and you get whatever cards are necessary to use them. NOPE!!!!

There isn’t even a hint that cards are not included nor is there a hint where to find the cards. The cards contain the information to use the miniatures, no cards, no miniatures. Checking the Games Workshop site…yep no cards. However, there used to be a product…you guessed it, a package of cards for the miniatures in both boxes and a whole bunch others using miniatures from other sets. Unfortunately, the product is no longer available, in the US. In the UK, shipped to the UK, it is.

I, being a reasonably knowledgeable gamer, looked all over for the cards and/or information about the cards. Turns out the cards for Mighty Heroes is in one of the books in Silver Tower. Good. Where are the cards for Arcane Heroes?


Yes, Nowhere.

Not in any of the books from either game.

Not online anywhere I could find.

I am hopeful, that someone reading this will send a link to the information. Until then I have a box of miniatures for a game, that are useless for the game.

Moral of the story, research, research, research!


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