One Hell Of An Omelet

It started as an accident, then turned into a epic…thing. Walking past a booth at C4 I saw two posters I had to add to our walls. The ghost rider is the important part of the story. For an extra 5 dollars the artist, “right behind you,” will sign your poster. Sure why not I thought. I don’t know him, but the poster is cool.

I had to help them make change, which is where things went off the rails. Again, I had NO idea who the artist is. His sign read, Tex.

Standing there with nobody but him, he set up his booth…kinda…

  • First he put his wallet away
  • Next find pens
  • Then someone with a limited edition frame jumps in front of me
  • Tex signs the poster, an elaborate 5 minute process, then flips it over and freehands a ghost rider on back, then…
  • A friend of Tex’s visits, they shake hands, bump chests, laugh, and then…
  • Tex finishes up the free hand ghost rider and takes pictures with the purchaser
  • Then resumes setting up his booth pulling out awesome artwork and taping it up all while maintaining a running dialog
  • Meanwhile, someone gets behind me and asks if this where the line starts…line for what I thought
  • Now he’ll sign…
  • And another guy jumps the “line,” Tex is ecstatic this is the omelet guy and he gives the guy two pieces of signed art with more free hand ghost riders and pictures
  • He is telling anyone listening to get an omelet from this guy
  • Omelet guy leaves very happy, Tex resumes setting up booth at this point roughly a half-hour after I started friends have gathered
  • I say to them I could go for a beer, Tex excited tells us about a great wing and beer place complete with showing us the receipt…no shit
  • An announcement he has to leave
  • Another handshake and finally last person standing he signs my poster with a really awesome signature…then his pen explodes

Now this may sound like complaining, but it isn’t, this was an awesome thing to witness. He handdrew three ghost riders, engaged everyone and in the end made my time worth while. Haven’t tried the omelet or wings yet.


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