Puddles and Whiskers, WBD One Day Ago…Over Noodles

Yesterday, I wrote about crafting a story. Today, is a good example of that. This scene takes place in one of the iconic locations in Stroud, a NiHo’s Noodle Shop. When I originally wrote this scene, I started with conversation. In later scenes details of NiHo’s were added. I spent some time finding those details and putting them here, which makes life easier for the reader, as NiHo’s is introduced and described before any of the other conversations over noodles. Enjoy. 🙂


One day Ago…Over Noodles

NiHo’s Noodle Shacks, everywhere and easy to find, due to the bright, clashing, and gaudy neon decorations. Neon decoration bright enough that parking lot lights were unnecessary. As the neared their favorite NiHo’s, the car’s auto-shade windows activated. The moment their doors opened, a welcome holo, a non-specific female wearing a neon green and yellow kimono with NiHo logo on the shoulders, began bellowing welcome in every language in the city.

“Tang kai!”

“Un-shil ir!”

“Gaa Kha!”


Upon reaching the front door, a holo-menu with the day’s specials appeared over the top half of the door. Whiskers stepped through the door where the neon assault continued. Each round table edged with a different color neon, a neon-holo of a chubby faced non-descript yet vaguely asian looking human smiling with a bowl of steaming noodles under his chin on table tops, and four different colored neon-edged chairs at each table waged a war to be seen.

Puddles pointed to their favorite table in the back of the restaurant. The few patrons paid them no mind as they walked past. A holo-menu popped in front of them with the day’s specials highlighted in neon red, when they sat down. Seconds later, a holo-waiter materialized next to the table, a male version of the door greeter.

“Please input your orders,” the waiter announced.

A few minutes later, a human waitress wearing a neon-colored kimono and carrying a tray with three bowls of noodles approached the table. Silently, she set bowls in front of Chuck, Puddles, and Whiskers before walking away.

“Pass me the chili oil,” Puddles said to Chuck.

“Not hot enough?” he asked passing the bowl of chili oil.

Around a mouthful of noodles, “Not even close.”

Whiskers shook his head at her love of heat, picked up his tea, and resumed reading his tablet, “Are you sure this is the right Doctor Marlowe?”

“I pulled the CIS data for all registered Marlowes in the city,” Chuck replied, “Why?”

“Something wrong?” Puddles asked.

“Not sure. This Marlowe seems most likely.” Holding up a paw, he ticked off his points, “He works for Titan Industries in research and development of pharmaceuticals. He is not married, which does not mean anything. He has no registered children, which is contrary to what he told us. There are other Marlowes who could fit our client.”

“But,” Puddles began, spooning another dose of chili oil over her noodles.

“There’s always a butt,” Chuck finished, flashing a smile at Puddles and Whiskers.

Puddles stifled a chuckle with a mouthful of noodles. Whiskers, right ear briefly twitched before smiling, “This Doctor Marlowe is the closest to the person who wants to hire us. The rest either lack the resources, the job, have too many children, or some other detail removing them from consideration. Do we have a connection who knows Tumbledown?”

They stared at each other for a moment, “Scar. I know Scar, she may talk to us,” Chuck broke the silence.

Puddles set her chopsticks over her bowl, “Scar?”

“Yeah, she lives in Tumbledown. I’ve gotten information from her before. She’s…”

“Did you date her?” Puddles interrupted with a grin.

Chuck glared at Puddles.

Whiskers sip of tea filled the silence.

“I’ll set up a meet tonight,” Chuck said, ignoring Puddle’s question.

“You dated her, didn’t you?” Puddles pestered.

A little while later, standing outside between their cars, “Did she break up with you?”

“I’ll hit you up with the meeting details,” Chuck said to Whiskers, ignoring Puddles while getting the car.

“What did you do?” Puddles asked.

“Why do you do that to him?” Whiskers asked knowing the answer.

“What?” Puddles replied holding her paws up, eyes wide, ears relaxed in her “Who me” pose.

“Here,” he said handing her his tablet, “you review the data. I will drive.”


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