Bass Thump Bass Thump Woot Woot

Thumpity Bumpity Woot Woot


Chapter 5 is killing me.

Really, what was I writing?

I wish I knew, Chapter 5 of Puddles and Whiskers is getting an overhaul. A massive overhaul. I know what I wrote, I even know why I wrote what I wrote, but as of today I am not happy with what I wrote. Entire paragraphs of “descriptions,” have the note, “Expand, add detail, and fix.” The opening to the chapter is so vague to be worse than a bland description of a location, I have no idea how the location fits into the city as it is written. So I am fixing it.

Then there is the dialog. Ugh! I hate books with bad dialog and I just read my own. I can’t hear the voice of at least two of my characters in the words I wrote. So I am fixing that as well.

Thumpity Bumpity Woot Woot

Frustrated I left town for a few hours. I took my writing with me and that did not help until I zipped the folder up and let all of the information float around my head while I looked for a gift for a friend, picked up a game for us, and generally enjoyed the day.

As parents we have two more days of freedom. After that SUMMER! That means kids at home. We have a vigorous list of ideas for the summer, but the initial start to summer is always slow with the kids at home and being “bored.” For the next two days, the adults are going to do adult things (yes that too) because once the kids are out of school the cost of doing anything goes way up and there are plenty of places we go where the kids will not have fun.

So wish us a happy two days of freedom. 🙂

Bumpity Thumpity Woot Woot

You are sitting at a traffic light. The windows are down on the car next to you. The rap music is up. Every loose part on the car is shaking with each BOOM of bass. You have already made up your mind about the individual and their music, don’t lie, you have. My reaction is amusement, because there is a person with more money than sense and a future filled with “WHAT? I can’t hear you.” And it was their choice. So I am amused.

So I have a smile on my face because the scene is funny to me. The bass is thumping, the rapper screaming, the light goes green and


comes from the car. Not WOOT WOOT in a deep manly voice, but in a someone grabbed the rapper by the balls, squeezed, and squeezed again to get that “perfect” note.

Smile even larger.

For the rest of the day in my head is

bumpity thumpity (yes those words) WOOT WOOT

this is my jingle of happiness. When my tacos fell apart, bumpity thumpity WOOT WOOT and taco disaster was AOK. Stuck at a light, bumpity thumpity WOOT WOOT. Get home and resume editing…

bumpity thumpity WOOT WOOT

Chapter 5 will be AOK. 🙂


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