Finally Shadow War Armageddon

There is the game and the hobby. With most Games Workshop games you have to make a choice, do you play the game or do you work the hobby and then play your game. I am positive there is an in between where you do both, but I have never been that guy. I am either going to play the game with unpainted miniatures or I am going to spend the time to paint my miniatures and then play the game. I like to delay my pleasure.

Yes, I know I could play the game AND paint the miniatures. But I don’t and let me tell you why…okay I don’t have a why. I do have a story which is a combination of stories.

While working at the hobby shop I was routinely challenged to play games. In theory the guy selling you games should be the best or something like that. I and Big Man turned down no challenges. We really had little to do other than read games, learn games, paint miniatures, and sell games. Challenges were our way to have sanctioned fun.

Here is how most games of 40k went, if you showed up with unpainted miniatures we shot all of your painted stuff first. If you showed up with an army of unpainted miniatures or talked too much shit, we used our encyclopedic knowledge of the rules to end games quick. Our record 1-turn: we warned them repeatedly that putting all of your miniatures in a building was not good or smart. They stopped laughing at their fortress when it was leveled with all inside on turn one. If you showed up with all painted miniatures no matter how good or bad you thought they were we played you and had a good game.

Messed up I know. In my mind taking the time to paint your miniatures demonstrates that you have a vested interest in the game. In my experience people who take the time to engage in the hobby also take the time to invest in the game, learning the rules, being good players, and the like. Thus, my dislike of unpainted miniatures…I guess I do have a reason.

So here we are, over a month or two ago we purchased Shadow War Armageddon. Since that time everyone with one notable exception (cough cough Barb) has worked on their army/kill team (pic of our boy’s orks waiting to rumble). I encouraged everyone to continue painting their 40k army and to use part of that for their kill team, double dip.

My shoulder injury slowed me down, but feeling better I finally finished my kill team up in time to play our first games this weekend. Our boy and his orks are eagerly looking forward to kicking my inquisition to the curb. Our girl and her all pink imperial guard are chomping at the bit to get at the winner. She is bummed her tank will not see any play. We are thankful for that reprieve.

Keep an eye out for the images and game play post. 🙂


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