Bloody Bear Reading Corner: 14 Hours And 500+ Pages Without Power

What does a bear do when the power goes out right at the best moment of Transformers Dark Side of the Moon?

A bear wonders how long the power will be out after checking the breaker box.

A bear would check to see if the neighbors have power, but the neighbors are in the distance and it was very hot for a bear to be walking in just to see if the neighbors had power.

A bear realizing that he has no internet pulls out his trusty phone that he never uses because it does have internet, files a complaint about the power, sees that he is not the only bear affected, checks the estimated time for completion…3 hours not so bad

A bears pulls out the book he had started the day before Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey. Sometimes for this bear life has a strange way of connecting one thing with another without realizing it. Such as there is a TV show called the Expanse, that I was thinking about watching. I found Leviathan Wakes which turns out is the basis for the show, I did not know this at the time. After finishing Leviathan Wakes in 10 hours, I plan on watching the show AND I plan on picking up the other books in the series.

Leviathan Wakes is the polar opposite of Robopocalypse. Where Robopocalypse is told through the eyes of several characters in tiny snippets leaving much for the reader to put together, Leviathan Wakes is told through alternating chapters of two primary characters. There is plenty for the reader to imagine. The story however is all there and what a story Leviathan Wakes is.

A science fiction space opera with a very detailed world, Leviathan Wakes also has a mystery and elements of horror. Suffice to say, I believe there is something for everyone, character development, space battles, horror, mystery, deep story line, good plot, and there is room for more.

Without giving much away, Leviathan Wakes begins with a kidnapping, which is where Detective Miller joins the book, looking for the missing person. Jim Holden, working on an ice hauling ship investigates another mystery. As the book progresses the two characters come together for something much larger than the initial kidnapping and mystery.

The primary setting is the Belt a series of space stations in an asteroid belt. That being said, Earth and a colonized Mars get involved making what starts out as small story turn large in a similar way how Star Wars began small and turned large revealing a universe much bigger than expected.

This bear is slightly glad for the power outage, because I had something I don’t normally think I do, time to read. Leviathan Wakes is a page turner, not in that mindless manner that many page turners are, but in a “I have to know what happens.” I got invested in the story and all of the characters. What more can I say, give Leviathan Wakes a try.

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