Puddles and Whiskers, WDB Following Afternoon… (edited)

No major changes. A few sentences rewritten, reorganized, and a few snipped forever lost…unless you look for the previous version. 🙂 Overall I am happy with this section now that Chuck was introduced earlier meaning this is a lot less meeting a new character and more of a reconnect. Enjoy. 🙂

Edit: Thank you loyal reader who pointed out the very messed up paragraph after BAM!


Following afternoon…

A few more hours of sleep…standing next to the coffee maker, Whiskers’ wished for the third time this morning that he had slept in. Unfortunately, there were clients to meet. In the office, Puddles head snapped up, she looked around; good Whiskers did not see her fall asleep reviewing work from last night. Swiping her finger across the display, the vid resumed and Puddles closed her eyes.


The front office door slammed into the wall. Puddles head snapped up off the desk. Whiskers almost dropped his coffee. Chuck swaggered through the door and looked around the office for a second before approaching Puddles.

“Nice mess.”

Glaring daggers at Chuck, Puddles shoved a small stack of papers onto the floor in front of Chuck.

Looking down at the mess, “I’m not here to clean,” Chuck responded blandly.

Walking into the office, Whiskers stood behind Chuck, looking over his shoulder at the mess, “What are you doing?” he asked Puddles.

“Hey Whisk,” Chuck said, “What can I do for you two today?”

“Pull up a chair,” Whiskers said.

Chuck sat down in front of Whiskers half of the desk, only his head visible.

“No short jokes,” Chuck stated, “You two look like…”

“Don’t start,” Puddles interrupted. “We had a long night.”

“How did the rescue go?”

“Not well,” Whiskers replied attempting to stifle a yawn.

“How not well?”

“We killed a few gangers, found a clean room, and didn’t find his daughters,” Puddles blurted out.

“Killed a few gangers?”

“Yeah, a few. I didn’t count them if you wanted an exact number.”


Whiskers held up his paw, waited for silence, “Acting on Scar’s warning, we went over to Tumbledown and tried to sneak in. Suffice to say, the gang was less than accommodating. Violence ensued and by the end of the night we found nothing.”

“Not nothing,” Puddles corrected. Ticking off on her claws, “We know there is no Doctor Marlowe with daughters. We know the gang was heavily armed, protecting a clean room, and we have an idea that the gang, clean room, and person who claimed to be Doctor Marlowe are connected to Titan Industries.”

“That’s a lot of nothing,” Chuck said sarcastically. “And you killed a few of them.”

“Sounds correct,” Whiskers said.

“Have you told anyone else this?” Chuck asked.

“Like who,” Puddles said with an edge.

“How about the SCPD? They might want to know who left them with a few dead bodies.”

Puddles scrunched her face, close to blasting Chuck with an anger venting.

“You have a good point,” Whiskers said. “I will make the arrangements today.”

“How do you know the Doctor Marlowe who hired you is not real?” Chuck asked.

“A late night visit to Titan where we met the real Doctor Marlowe,” Whiskers replied.

“He was a real nice holo,” Puddles mumbled.


“Ignore Puddles,” Whiskers continued, “the real Doctor Marlowe was off site, communicating with us via holo.”


Puddles flipped a vid-display to face Chuck, “This is our recordings from last night. The room we spoke to Doctor Marlowe looked exactly like this room minus the piles of ash.”

Chuck watched the vid and then started the vid a second time, making notes on his wrist pad.

“Anything?” Whiskers asked.

“The room is a clean room for sure,” Chuck began, “You said the room looked like a room at Titan?”

“Exactly,” Puddles answered.

“I’d start there. After the SCPD, of course.”

Whiskers shook his head in amusement, “Of course. Who do you know with corporate contacts?”

“Titan Industries in particular,” Puddles added.

Putting a paw to his chin, Chuck thought for a moment, “I know a few people. Why?”

Puddles looked at Whiskers, who shrugged, “A case of ours hit a wall.”

“Off the top of my head Eth, might know someone at Titan or someone who does.”

“Anyone else?” Puddles asked.

“He’s not so bad,” Chuck quickly responded, “I may know another contact or two, but I’m hungry. How about some noodles?”

“Have Eth meet us there,” Whiskers said.


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