It’s Got Skulls On It

There is something about me, the way I dress, the way I speak, the way I act that seems to push people in certain directions when interacting with me, especially if they do not know me…say in a customer service roll. I don’t mind, but I do find the interactions difficult to slog through or circumvent.

On our epic road trip to quilting stores around Michigan to collect rows for the Row by Row event. Row by Row, as we learned from Barb who stumbled upon the event, is a yearly event held by quilting/yarn/etc. all stores. Each store has a pattern for a row for a quilt. Each row is unique to that store. Collect 8 or 9 rows, make the full quilt and return to one of the stores to win a prize. Some stores have patterns for kids to do.

We do not quilt. We do like to travel to places around Michigan. Even better places we have not been. Thus, we made a list of places with patterns we liked, there is an online resource with images of rows from most of the shops, and headed out. Awesome thing happened, at each store the people were more than happy to answer our questions, offer suggestions, and in general talk to us.

Even better or more awesome, we found the occasional place in a new town to do something or to look at. We even found ourselves misplaced by the map ap and the kids knew what to do. 🙂 Most awesome of all at one shop, on display glow in the dark cloth one with skulls and one with candy skulls. I love glow in the dark stuff. I collect glow in the dark stuff.

I do not care what the thing is, if it glows I must have. I have skulls, brains, dogs, cats, stars, planets, a jellyfish, two sex toys (a vibrator and a giant glow in the dark dong), magazine covers, patches, and so on. I don’t care. Thus when I saw these cloths, I had to have. They woman behind the counter assumed that I only wanted the things because of the skulls. She was adamant that because of the skulls I was purchasing them.

Our kids stifled their giggles. Barb watched. I, in my desert cammies, sriracha shirt, and button festooned militaryish vest, attempted to explain to her that I could care less about the skulls, only the glow in the dark part. The look in her eyes said, “Sure.”

Three stores, down the coast, and back around to Grand Rapids for the return trip, we stopped for sushi or all of us other than our boy stopped for sushi, he had dumplings. We were already planning another trip to different stores for different patterns, there is one with Amish buggies I want, when we saw much to our surprise right next door to the sushi place a quilt shop with their row in the window. Not a bad trip.


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