Puddles and Whiskers, WDB Making The Case

A hint of Whiskers past and a resolution to a case. As for changes, small and subtle, mostly involving place Camile’s name to make clear who is being referenced. Enjoy. 🙂


Making the Case

Camile watched the vid for a third time, tears welling up for a fifth time. As she watched the vid Camile absentmindedly swiped back and forth through the case file, never looking directly at the pages on the tablet. Whiskers did his best not to react to the stench of despair emanating from her. He understood her pain.

“You have our sympathies,” Whisker said quietly.

She looked away from the vid to stare at him with tear-filled eyes and anguish all over her face.

“Thank you,” she mumbled before returning to the vid.

“As you have seen, your husband is meeting regularly at Love Buy The Hour with…”

“My best friend,” Camile interrupted with some anger.

Whiskers sat back, allowing Camile to process the information. Anything else he said would only make her situation worse. Puddles peeked her snout around the corner, took one look, and returned to whatever busy work she could find.

Twenty-three minutes later Camile stood up, tears no longer falling, resignation and anger warred across her face. “Thank you. I mean, I’m not thankful for the news, but…you know… How much do I owe you?”

Whiskers stood up, offering her his paw to shake, a light shake of hand and paw, “Our fees have been sent to your financial institution. Is there anything else we can do for you?”

For a brief moment, Whiskers saw her potential request for violence and vengeance flash across her face, “No. Not that I can think of.”

Whiskers walked with her to her car, watching her leave he pushed thoughts of the past out of his head to focus on the rest of the work for the day. Returning to the office, he found Puddles at her side of the desk with a cup of coffee on his side, “Thought you could use a cup.”


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