Games We Play: This Is The End, Pandemic Legacy

We had to know. We had to learn how the story ended. To do that we had to play. Two to four games is all. Two games if we won, four if we lost. How hard could it be? Four games hard. I pushed us to complete Pandemic Legacy. I HAD to know. I was not alone is needing to know.

MASSIVE SPOILERS: November began with the shocker that we failed. We did not find patient zero. We thought we would have November to find patient zero, thus we were not worried about it, then November begins with “You didn’t find the patient, but here is another team who did and you get their information.”  What does this mean? For the moment only good things.

All previous objectives are removed and the focus becomes placing vaccine stations, producing vaccine, and curing the Faded. Yes, curing the Faded. Then November fell off the rails.

Our team focused on curing the Faded which consisted of producing vaccine tokens, picking them up, and taking them to faded cities to cure the faded then vaccinate the city. A vaccinated city could not get more Faded figures, meaning in the process of achieving an objective we made our game easier. Unfortunately, due to setup Faded figures were clustered creating clusters of outbreaks that actually added new Faded cities for us to cure. The second half of November went better because the work we did get done in the first half paid off. By the end of the game we had five remaining Faded cities. This would pay off in December.

December the last month, two objectives find the hidden stash of virus and cure all of the Faded cities. With five remaining Faded cities we took care of that quickly leaving finding the hidden stash. To find the hidden stash, stay in Atlanta and turn in cards that match the pattern on the search track. Each time an epidemic occurred finding the stash became harder. Due to bad card draw we never got the right combination of cards and epidemics pushed the stash into not findable.

1:30 am we are determined to finish Pandemic Legacy. The board is setup one last time. We have one objective find the hidden stash. No cures. No quarantines. Just find the hidden stash and hope that we draw the right cards. Clustered in Atlanta we looked at our cards and saw hope. Six, maybe seven turns later, we turned in the last set of cards to find the hidden stash. Did we win?

That depends on how you view the end game scoring. Yes, we won December; we found the hidden stash of virus and blew it up preventing further infection. However…pulling out the last card there was a scoring system. Take all of your records of wins and losses, combined with the statuses of cities, and then calculate bonus points. That second team, while a bonus to game play was a huge penalty to points.

Our final score: 487 with some work humanity and society will rebound.

Our final score if we had found patient zero: 687 with a lot less work humanity and society move on.

Final thoughts: Get Pandemic Legacy. Does not matter which color, blue or red box are identical.


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