Puddles and Whiskers, Initial Consult

New Puddles and Whiskers. I can also say with some certainty that I will not be showing my editing process again, unless there is a demand. So enjoy the start of some new Puddles and Whiskers. 🙂


Initial Consult

“John called yesterday,” Whiskers said.

Puddles looked up from her work, “And?”

Taking a long sip from his coffee Whiskers made Puddles wait, “They took down Red Twist.”

“About damn time. Any word on our gangers?”

“Nothing from Eth. Have you heard anything?”

“Not a thing, but I don’t expect him to come through for us.”

Whiskers shook his head.

“Don’t hand me that. You’re thinking it too.”

“I have more faith in Eth than you do.”

“Whatever,” Puddles retorted with a snort as she returned to her work.

A few minutes later the front door swung open, Chuck sauntered through followed by two gangers. Red and black faux leather jackets, typical ganger “don’t fuck with me” attitude, the only detail separating them one had a chromed arm and the other sported a data jack.

“Look what I found outside the office,” Chuck said with a smile and wave towards the gangers.

“Eth sent you?” Puddles asked, pushing back from her side of the desk.

Data-jack nodded, “He told us you need a simple job done.”

“Sounds about right.”

“What’s the job?” Data-jack asked while chromed arm looked around the office.

“Chuck,” Whisker began pointing at Chuck, “is going to take you to a doctor’s office. You two will enter together and find out what services they offer. Then return to Chuck who will bring you back here for a debrief.”

“That’s it?” Chromed Arm asked.

“That is all we need from you, at the moment.”

“Well…” Chuck started.

“What?” Data-jack impatiently asked.

“We need to hook you up with cameras,” Chuck carefully informed them.

“Just him,” Data-jack replied. Pointing at his left eye, “I already have a camera and you can have the feed when we are done.”

“Even better,” Chuck said excitedly.

An hour and some minutes later Chuck landed in a downtown hover port and watched as the two gangers headed to the Medical Offices of Tablix and Aslan. His windshield display had two open windows, lower right corner Puddles and Whiskers stared at him from their office, and upper right live feed of the gangers moving through wageslaves like a hot knife through butter.

“I hope this works,” he said to Puddles and Whiskers.

Watching the feed Chuck got a better view of the waiting room and behind the receptionist’s desk. The receptionist waved them through the door where a nurse waited. She led them down a hallway lined with examination rooms. From the glimpses when Chromed Arm turned Chuck could tell only the most basic of medical equipment was in each room. At the second to last pair of doors, the nurse stopped and gestured for them to enter the room.

Inside the room, two chairs in front of a small, clean desk. Sitting behind the desk Doctor Aslan. Data-jack and Chromed Arm sat down. For five minutes the Doctor asked them questions, nothing out of the ordinary at least nothing that stood out to Chuck, and at the end handed them holo-cards with the office logo and a date, three days from now.

A few minutes later they returned to the car. Data-jack turned to Chuck before he could say anything, “We’re going to be needed more than just today.”


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