A Tidal Wave Of Green Plastic

Finally, our game table is seeing Warhammer 40k as we had intended since day one. The purchase of the Open War deck changed play as we hoped for the better. Typically someone divides the table in two, terrain is set up, and what follows is the classic fight until one side is destroyed. We were tired of this and set up using the scenarios in the rulebook border on the annoying.

With the Open War deck we pulled some cards and immediately began playing. First card determined deployment zones, in our case the table was split in half. Two cards for objectives, one for each of us. I drew victory through defeating his leaders and vehicles. Our boy drew victory thought capturing objectives. He did not tell me that both us could earn points towards victory with those objectives. Oh well. Finally each of us drew a Twist card. Mine allowed my units to move 2″ extra and 1″ extra when charging or advancing. Normally a great thing, extra mobility. He drew, all of his units gained 1 extra attack. Meaning his normally meat grinder of units became super meat grinders. Moving faster towards them not what I wanted to do.

Then we pulled out the models and set up. A solid wall of green miniatures. That was his army. A truck, a tank, a plane, and a dreadnaught breaking up the wall. Not much of a break up as the truck and tank were carrying more models. Ugh. Remember I did not know what his objective was and he did not know mine.

First turn, I moved into a defensive position occupying the center of the table. The extra move from the Twist card came in handy. Only odd move of mine, moving my dreadnaught and two commanders to take out his dreadnaught and big mek (ork scientist) with huge scary looking gun on my flank.

His plane flew over the battlefield. His truck and tank charged forward leaving every other ork in the dust. His wall of green…try to imagine 100 people trying to fit through one door…that is what happened. He set up his figures with little room for movement and then failed to move his forward units faster than the rear units. Funny and scary because they would become unstuck if I didn’t do something.

Second turn, I disembarked my five-man squads from the razorbacks, moved my assault squad over to his side of the board, and dropped a terminator squad onto the middle of the table. His truck died, his burna squad (orks with flamethrowers) died, and his stormboys died on my turn.

His turn saw…well it’s hard to describe, the entire wall of green shifted to the right for no reason I could discern. This left his dreadnaught and tank isolated without support. He did kill off my assault squad, kill a terminator, and have me scratching my head.

Third turn, his dreadnaught, tank, and most of the nobz inside died. His warboss went down under the combined firepower of my remaining terminators, and his screen of grots died. This left him with a huge number of orks, but nothing else.

He conceded to me at the start of his turn. He figured he would finish off my last five man squad and some of the terminators, but lose many of his orks in return leaving the rest to get mopped up by my two tanks, dreadnaught, and characters.

After the match we talked, he acknowledged his setup was bad which hampered his ability to get his whole army into the fight. What parts he did were devastating to my army. As for the shift to the right, he was attempting to cover an objective for the victory points.

Next up our girl and her pink army.


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